Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Chiko Trip Report

People in this Chiko Trip:

  1. RaJa Malat@Xian
  2. Naib Pengerusi Wai Kuan@Punggung Pomello@Tsukina
  3. Ratu Babi@Steph@Pig Highness
  4. Ratu Itik@Daph@Duck Highness
  5. Ketua Chiko (M) Mr Chan@Man Wai@Budak

Day 1

· We are in schedule for the 1st time, just a bit late because of tertinggal stuff at home and the stupid Ipoh drivers drive like tortoise and Ducktopia was like so far from our Chiko Island.

· Picked Malat and Duck up and our Chiko Journey To The West begin.

· 9.15am I drove to Penang during the start of our journey, and the oldest n Raja and the Senior tidur mati kat belakang. At 1st they were so energetic, later on they just K.O like that. Orh teruk nya…

· Sampai at penang at 11am. Changed driver to Duck because I cannot drive there, the moment reach there terus dilanggar lorry. The drivers are so ganas. Memang cilaka….

Lunch Time

· We went to Traders Hotel for lunch. Mr. Chan @ Chiko M @ Budak invited us for lunch there. So we waited at the lobby for him.

· He came out from the lift looking so PRO and smart with his formal uniform. He greeted us professionally.

· Budak brought us to see all the conference room at his hotel and took us for lunch at the hotel.

· Memakan-makan sambil berchiko chiko. Budak gave me a big plate of salad. Lolz he say good for me.

· There was a lot of food there. The chocolate moist cake sungguh sugoi des… Demi menunjukkan kehormattan kepada Senior Chiko kita, she is given a special ice cream yang buat dengan penuh kasih saying oleh junior nya.

· Daph and I ate so many pieces of raw salmon. Lolz then other than that we ate fillet of salmon cook with seaweed, salmon curry fish head.

· Budak took a plate of roast duck back for us. *Teasing Daph*

· Later we ate duck porridge. *Duck kena again* We eat her ancestors… She ate herself also. Cannibal punya itik makan own family….

· Malat brought back ice kacang and cotton candy for us. *hohohohoho* de kids were like staring at him….

· Memakan desserts dengan gembira^^

· We were given a coupon for free ticket by Mr Chan written, The Marriage of Miss Ho. Lolz it was so funny, we said that Malat berkahwin with Tsukina and Daph is the driver and I am the maid. Hahahas

Check In

· Selepas makan, we went to check in to the hotel. So it was Malat and WK pergi mengambil kunci. (so called pasangan suami dan isteri)

· So the Duck and the Pig had to wait dows stairs to be called up.

· Our room number is 312. When we went up, we were shock till stun. The room was so small it was ¼ of my room… Sweat. Anyway 4 of us manage to squeeze ourselves in the tiny lil room.

· Next thing I found out, the toilet doesn’t have any lock, I was stun again.

· Mr Chan came to kepo our room den we head to the beach. YaY~!

Beach Time

· I followed budak to de beach my motorcycle. Omg tat was my 1st official ride on the bike with helmet.

· Reach Batu Feringgi and bersedia to play!!!!

· Find spot to put our stuff, and put sun block.

· We kept the key inside a plastic bag, tied it tight and kept in Budak’s pocket which has zip.

· So Para Chiko Sekalian, SERBU!!!!

· Berenang-renang dan berchiko-chiko.

· *Duck wanted to go to the car to get something, so Budak which was holding the key and I teman her back to the car to take things.

*So Budak wanted to take out the key and open the car door for Duck, he told me de key is gone missing, Im like Wth, dun play la. He said its true might drop somewhere or dropped it into de ocean. I’m like sei lo kam chi, dai chai lo…

*He quickly go tell WK and Malat bout it. They call came back shore and come to talk to me while I was finding the key.

*I was so panic and all of them was like standing in front of me smiling included Budak.

*I wanted to go tell Duck that the key is lost but they keep calling me and smile with chikopek face.

*Malat said there was some thins stuck is his butt and I said I don’t care.

*Finally they took the key out and gave it to me. Appreantly Malat terkutip de key in the sea while treasure hunting. So he kutip it and berdiamkan diri. Zzzzz

· So back to the beach. Ish Ish Ish

· Perlumbaan Lompat Jauh Chiko akan bermula:

The Judge = The Ratu Itik from Ducktopia

*Perserta No.1 Raja Malat from Ipoh/Aussie

*Perserta No.2 Ketua Chiko M Budak from Taiping

*Perserta No.3 Ratu Babi from Ipoh/Lalaland

*Perserta terakhir Queen of Pomelo from world of “DT” Island

(Lagu Rokugo)


Pemenang adalah Raja Malat. Tahniah di ucapkan.

· I terkutip a shell underwater with my feet so I kepit it naik atas. I show the duck and she took it and started to give all of us The Duck’s Kiss of Death with de shell which can open and close.

With the shell she created our new chiko laugh with is *kiap de shell* with de sound slow version, hohohohoho. Aiks…. Everyone kena her poison of Kiss of Death so all laugh like that already.

· So we cont berchiko in the beach, making human tower, picking up shells, burying the duck and the pig.

Balik Hotel

· Duck follow Budak by bike back to the hotel to take bath 1st, Malat, Wk and I naik kereta and got trap in the jam for so long. I was freezing cuz didn’t bring a set of clothes to change there. I tertidur on de way back.

· Reach hotel *mengunakan jutsu speed untuk mandi*

Bon Odori

· Bersedia to go Bon Odori YaY~!

· Omg traffic jam like Zzzzz…. Duck was given new skill iaitu jutsu patients.

· Finally found a parking space, there is this young guy ask for money. Budak was like dulan ask him yellow line also need to pay ar? Tat guy diam diri saja. Ciz….

· Any way we reach there we all menjelema menjadi oraang jepun yang memakai kimono.

· We walk walk walk den kehilangan Tsukina and Malat *ciz mesti pergi park tor*

· 1st thing we need to of cuz is…. FIND FOOD…. DOG SQUAD ATTACK THE FOOD STALLS… *SERBU*

· Was like so hot sial… Aduh… Daph and Budak cannot tahan so tanggal de kimono already. Luckily Budak offer to take Duck’s hand bag. It was so heavy sial….

· So anyway… We memakan takoyaki, Taiwan sausauge, fried chicken. Had lots of cold drinks.

· We purposely go get free drinks from de booth. The things there were like so bloody expensive. 1 piece of chicken rm10. Cilaka.

· We heard de Rasa Sayang song for so many times. Budak and I was like singing all de way. Den there is one song bout Tsukina de. We were laughing all de way.

· We waited till 10pm for de Fire Works. It was beautiful. Omg I took video of it. 5mins Firework.

· Waited for Wk and Malat, den we sit there king gai. Later on there were waiting the other side of de field.


· Went gurney drive to have our official Penang food but on de way was like jamming… aikz =.=

· Babe ur backside parking is good but ur side parking sucks… Lolz… Half way parking gagal terus… Luckily that Indian guy help us to stop de other cars and charge us 0.80sens only.

· Budak introduce us a girl, named Xiou Huey, I guess u all probably forget her already.

· Budak’s girlfriend Wei Li came join us yum cha.

· So we walked to de gerai-gerai makanan der .

· Omg orh jien T_T I wanted to eat so badly. So Duck and I ordered, brought back go order char kuey teow. De auntie treat us transparent. So call budak talk hokkien to her. Waited so long. Budak went to order otak otak.

· Come back with char kuey teow, de orh jien habis I’m like stun jor… wanted to go order again. CILAKA CLOSE SHOP WO.. CILAKA U ALL ATE ALL MY ORH JIEN F5 I only got 1 last bite nie.

· So anyway, later one after makan, Budak suggested to go to de beach for a drink. So we went back to Batu Feringgi.

· I followed Budak’s Gf’s car. Driving halfway, "our friend Xiou Huey” wanted to join us. So we stopped de car somewhere in de middle to wait for her ketibaan.

· Okie den, during the drive she ask me a lot of questions pasal everyone of you especially Malat. Ask how old, study at where, when going back this la that la, and she admitted that she wanted to mengorat Malat infront of me and Budak. So jikalau tak percaya boleh menanya Budak.

· So finally we reached. I got scolded for making de rest of de Chiko Team wait for so long where as I was waiting too. I apologize for making u all wait because we were waiting for “our friend” . So dun kecil hati la ha…

Nite Time At Beach

· It was so dark we couldn’t see de menu. Wk mengeluarkan her starless night phone and gave us light to order drinks.

· Apparently there wasn’t anymore juice there was only beer and coffee and tea… Sobs sobs.

· Daph had coffee, Wk didn’t order de rest had beer. I had just a teenie weenie bit of it only… Scared de history of last year happen again. Budak you should know. Hahahahs.

· So at 1st it was a bit awkward because like haiz….. anyway we had fun there. Mai talk bout bad things that happen…

· We played de hokkien speaking game. Yea we learnt a lot didn’t we????

· Later one balik ke hotel. Everyone was like so tired. “our friend” was like asking for de picture she took with malat, and she refuse if I give it to budak to pass to her, she ask for my msn and even Malat’s one. Of cuz I am not pengkhianat babi la. I said I forget. So we drop her in de tepi jalan and she drove back her car. On de way back, I terdose off in de car. I was like trying so hard to not sleep.

Back to Hotel

· Reach hotel I am force to wash up, ish ish ish…. Fine….

· 4 of us, Wk, Me, Daph and Budak slept on de Queen size bed, and Malat gets to sleep on de air bed. Our bed was like so sempit. Omg… Couldn’t even move. Its like tidur macam balak only.

· We had this sambung perkataan word game before we sleep but then all surrender after a while. I was the winner. Hahahs

· After drinking bit of bir it was so nice to sleep. I couldn’t even wake up for anything at all.


· So apparently I heard that my 4 alarms was like ringing de whole morning and Daph have to shut it off. Sorry babe… I lupa tutup T_T

· So there was this worker knocked on our door to remind us to check out at 10am. We were about to go already. So she saw like there was like 5 people living in double bedroom. Lolz…

· Malat and Wk check out while Daph and I melarikan diri to de car with de luggage.

· Budak went back to mandi and came back to have breakfast with us.

· We wanted to have dim sum but there were no parking, so wanted to eat duck noodles, it didn’t open so fine terus go Kek Lok Si der.

· Traffic jam omg T_T

Sam Poh Tong

· Finally sampai, went to makan de best laksa in de world. It was so good it’s so hard to describe the kesedapan. Kesedapan yang tak terhingga. Sudah naik heaven separuh already…

· It started raining very heavy.

· Later on Daph, Budak and I went back to de car to grab tissue. (Did u all realize it wasn’t raining any more when we reach de car? I now only realize while writing. Aikz… cuz it was raining heavily while we are walking back to de car dan suddenly I remember when we take tissue that time it was so hot we were sweating)

· There was this uncle asking for money. 2bucks. At 1st he wasn’t here also. Then suddenly he appeared from no where den ask for money pulak aiks. So we gave him anyway sked he kacau our car or somehow.

· We were like climbing de stairs and sweating like ****

· We saw de poor hungry tortoise. So kelian….

· We found this shop with aircon. FINALLY THANK GOD….. We went in to berchiko chiko and mendapatkan udara sejuk. Almost died in de heat.

· We continue to see the tokong. MAlat and Wk didn’t continue because they were tired. So Budak brought we 2kids naik to the top of the tokong.

· We saw a lot of statues of budha. I didn’t know there was so namy types of Budha itself. Forget wad and wad. Lolz.

· We were so bodo…. We see de statue of dragon crafted on the pole ma. Daph said how come so short de. Budak said de tail berpusing de. So we walk like around the pole for like 3 times to see the end of the dragon =.=

· We went to hit de bell with the stick. Too bad didn’t manage to take pictures of it. They call it a wishng bell. U put money in and make a wish and hit de bell. Kekekes

· Budak said to me, Steph, this is de last time I’m bringing u here okie? Next time you dun ask me any to bring u here again ar… Because it was so hot poor him he was like sweating like no one business. We all are too.

Ham Chim Peng

· Later Kek Lok Si, we went to find the Ham Chim Peng Stall which Muffin-chan recommended which was heard really good . So the chiko team was force to go find the stall with me because I was merajuk-ing to eat ham chim peng yang paling sedap di dunia.

· So we at last we couldn’t find it. *Disapointed* Budak said must be too good till finish selling gua…

· Thanks Muffin chan for recommending us nice places to eat^^ Walaupun tak dapat makan but its okie. At least we know there are good food there. So next trip The Return of the Ham Chim Peng~! hohohoho

More of Penang Goodies

· Later on we went to Padang to eat again. We had The Best Char Kuey Teow fried with duck egg… Omg it was so good we couldn’t resist to call another plate of it.

· We had Yeong Tau Foo, Loh Mee and Popiah Basah too.

· We attempted to eat the cendol, but too bad it was close.

To The Pet Store

· Later on we went to this Pet store with aquarium with lots of cuties there. The Kitten was like so cute. I told Muffin-chan it looks like a mini white tiger with its mama. Awww… 1 of it was like sleeping in the bowl.

· The guinea pig there was like twice as big as mine omg….

· Later on we enjoy de aquarium side. The alligator fish was like so big and I was so tempted to touch it because its skin was floating above the water level.

· We saw Ikan Pari, Ikan emas, Lam Kor, Ikan that stick on de wall, transparent fish which only can see the bones only, and a lot more which I dun recall.

· Later on we go see better quality fish. FIND NEMO hahahahs

· But on de way walking there, do anyone of you recall wad did we saw in de fridge?

Hint: Something which sound like our Duck highness’s name???

We saw like the frozen worms stored in de fridge there, It was gross and guess wad is de name of it??? U all guess ba…. Ada hadiah khas daripada Raja Malat if tekaan betul^^

· There was this fish, he was like performing for us to see. It was jumping around de aquarium making back flips. So cute^^

· We went to see the prettie doggie gets their hair cut. 1 of them de tail was dyed rainbow colour, Omg comel nya…. Aduh… paling tak boleh tahan benda comel….

Membeli Biscuit

· Then we went to beli biscuit Penang. The dragon ball biscuit… hohohoho sedap nya…. But we went 3 shops it and kecilakaan berlaku.

*1st shop telah tutup.

*2nd shop tidak menjuat biscuit

*3rd shop no more biscuit

*4th shop finally….. Biscuit aku…

Farewell to Budak

· Later we brought Budak back to his bike and say bye to him. So sedih T_T

· Thanks Budak for everything, the touring, de food and most of all your company^^

Journey back to Ipoh

· Duck drove us home. Malat and Wk totally KO

· I was about to KO too, but I takkan I tinggalkan Daph seorang to drive meh? I faham de perasaan to be left driving alone because I tried before.

· I was like tahan-ing so badly till I was like talking nonsense, I told Daph, hey babe u know that picture? She answered back wad picture, then I fikir fikir, wad picture wo? She keep asking me, I keep recalling wad am I talking about. At last I found out I was sleep talking. Hahahs. So Pathetic….

· I keep talking to her to keep her awake and myself too. We makan de nachos during de traffic jam.

· Ciz akhirnya we sampai. We send Duck home 1st. Thanks babe for driving us all around Penang^^

· Later fetch Malat home, Thanks Malat for berchiko-ing with is, without u it will not be a chiko trip^^

· Thanks Jie for organizing the whole trip^^ IOU money hahahas

As promised, my 7 pages report. Im going to sleep now…. Salam mesra.

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