Friday, May 22, 2009


This is the a new MV of them and I think its super hot. Jie said that the lyrics berry meaningful. Sangat teramat suka T_T.

Maple cheated us... They say server close at 11pm to 6am, and what happened? I downloaded the thing for 5 hours. And it is stuck at the hack shield there. Daph downloaded 2 times and the thing corrupted. =.= Haiz so nvm ba... Mari lah bersabar bersama saya. Some one bersabar since morning till now. Lolz...

I'm very happy because finally the cold war has finally stopped. Thankz babe for stop shooting arrows d. De white T-shirt i flick for so long have so many holes d. =x lolz jk nia. ~<3 my babe


Babe u better practice... later stuck halfway pulak... Lolz
I'll be making snacks and babe u gotta to decorate de summer house with lots of balloons with naib pengerusi WK. Hahas.

Den later help me to make finger sandwich... Hahas. So fun to have tea party. lolz

Okie la glad everything has become back normal. I have to STUDY HARD *FIGHTING*
Everyone too.... Do not give up. wahahhaha....

Love u all. See ya soon^^

Monday, May 18, 2009


Seems like everyone is busy with their career and their studies. Example:

1. Pengerusi Malat
~ Suffering in insomnia
~ Studied de whole day till otak wanna pecah d
~ Stress

2. Naib Pengerusi WKuanz
~ Career crisis
~ Stress
~ Depression

3. Muffin-chan
~ Sleepless nights because of studies
~ Over workup
~Is exams coming soon?

4. Jean
~ Busy with work
~ Having exams soon I guess??
~ So many things to do yet so little time

5. Amir
~ Gratz to you for graduating~!
~ I am so proud of you~!
~ All your hard work pays off all~!
~ Yea la tu MU menang EPL. Gratz for that too....

Dear all of you,

I hope I am not too late to wish you all the best for exams and God Bless you all. I hope all will have good health on the day of your exams. May God grant wisdom to all of you to answer the questions on that day. Please take good care of yourself. I really worry bout all of you. I know the stress of studying. So dun get sick like me. It feels so horrible. I had fever on Saturday night and it feels awful. So anyway, all de best and do your best~! *FIGHTING*


Yesterday Jean told me to come settle some problems with Daph, I didn't know wad happen until she told me. She was mad at me because i spend more time in Maple than her. I notice that she is ignoring me all these while, but i dare not ask what happen because one of her blog post call everyone to back off and leave her alone. I did approach her, but there was no replies. I send msgs no replies, I called, bo answer. It is not I dun care bout her, maybe some times i leave my char afk there till morning only I off my computer.

Babe i just hope everything will turn back to normal, because there's actually nothing to fight about.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

I missed class T_T

I have been having intensive training in accounts. Everyday accounts, accounts, accounts, and more accounts. I feel like dying. Having gastric everyday, having difficulties to wake up. Force myself to go classes. Have to have coffee everyday no time for breakfast. So go there use brain too much till all the gastric juice all come out. Everyday in class i sure puke all my coffee out. Its so seksa. In air con room its so dry my eyes really become dried longan d.

Wednesday is the worst. Full day classes, 9-2 morning class accounts, 3-5 chemistry, 5.30-6.00 guitar class. I manage to get my guitar fixed. I paid Rm39 to change all the strings. Happy to learn new songs. Teacher teach me well also. Lolz...

Thursday I wasn't feeling well already. I'm having gastric and headache and i was spamming panadols like drinking water like tat, but it still doesn't work. Evening i actually invited Auntie Theressa to come jogging in polo ground. At 1st she said okie. Later on she said she wanted to go hiking. I said i didn't want to go because i was very tired. At 1st she pujuk me go say hiking is a challenge, if u can overcome this u will pass ur exams. I said nx week we go lor, this week i tired. So she like kecil hati and said if like tat might as well dun go at all la.

At last we went to polo ground la. She say de floor too rata =.= Half way it rained. So we got wet and we went home.

That night i slept early because i was having bad headache, morning i woke up early and tot bersemangat to class. I wake up i damn pening i cant even walk to de toilet. Omg la. I couldn't go to class. I was having this bad gastric and headache and my whole body aches. Mummy brought me to see doctor. She say stress causes gastric, gastric causes headache. So she gave me 5 tablets and 1 mixture. Omg la. I hate medicine. Lucky she didnt give me injection.

So came back after eating medicine, I fell asleep till night time. No one wake me up.

So that's my day. I just hope my best friend would give a damn bout me a little bit... I really duno wad is happening and I don't dare to ask because she wouldn't tell. All I know is she is ignoring me in a sudden. Its not that I don't care, its because you don't let me to have anything to do with you anymore.

So anyway i am sick now, I don't have anymore strengh to do or think anything, do as you wish. If you feel like talking i will be there for u. I just hope you are okie, that's all. No matter how u hurt me tats fine, I'll bare with it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Past Last Week....

Past last week has been studying accounts, the balance sheet and income statement. I really need a break. This is really hard for me... 9-5 everyday studying the subject i hate the most. Break is 15 mins nie. Finish eating and back to work. Come back have to do 5 income statements, 5balance sheet, Cash book A/C, Storage Book, Debtors A/C this la that la. I really naik gila di. Its not i am not trying. I am abit slow in picking up things. I am dumb in maths and I hate it as well.

Everyday come back i just want to crawl back to my world and relax a bit or my brain and I kena scolding for not sleeping. I dont even have time to do the things i like. Come back so stressed up by homework and have to revise for the next day.

Fought with mum because she say i was rude by raising my voice. If you know me wel enough, you know wad i was saying in a higher tone of voice is just making fun only. Well i was the other day, she ask me where is the oyster sauce, I said here, she said I was blocking her, (I was just standing there cutting stuff what did I do?) So i raise my voice a bit and say it was here all the time, you cant see its not my problem and F3 la. She shouted back at me saying i was rude and stuff. I tried explaining to her but she wouldnt listen and keep scodling and and blaming me. So fuck it la... No point wasting my energy.

So it was Mother's Day last sunday. Tought wanted to go out to celebrate de... At last we decided to celebrate with our other family members at our place. We had steamboat. The night before i was boiling stocks for the next day. Lolz... here are some random pictz for Ketua Malat to identify:

So identify de fishes in de bucket^^

So Steamboat was quite successful. My stocks kena puji^^
Gembiranya. Den the nx day go back to class. Zzzzzz...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

So much to say but dont know where to start. Haiz... Okie Lets start here:

1. I almost cried learning accounts today.
- I hate accounts.
- Why must accounts even exist?
- Balance balance yit balance yit luan... de answer lagi teruk... Zzzzzz
- I hate numbers Zzzzzzzz
- I had to cut my nails to press de calculator....
- I seriously wanna go to de toilet and cry de shit out.
- Vomits blood....

2. Have been taking Chemistry Class. Lost my way there on my 1st day. Zzzz *Perempuan Buta Jalan*
- I didnt know Chemistry was actually quite FUN.
- Teacher is good also, very patient with this bodoh student.

3. Guitar Class is well going. I simply go belanja de teacher eat sweet and now he did so much writing chords and explaining to me. He is so good. He bring my guitar in de class. Hohohoho. I paid my fees already Rm 70 per months. 30minutes per week.

4. She is going to change my life:
a) Bed time = 10pm
b) Mon-Fri = Meet at office 9-5
c) Go exercise (which i hate) exp: Hiking, Jogging, Swimming and etc.
d) Change my tabiat buruk as in driving with 1 hand and 1 feet. (babe u know how i drive right?
e) No more internet for play, only for research

Okie this is good enough to kill me already. I went hiking today and i almost died. My heart was pumping so fast i though i would died in the hill. My lungs and throat hurts, my legs was shaking when i came down. I almost puke when i walking up there. I couldnt manage to reach the top, not even 1/4 of the hill and we came down. My knee has no more energy to carry on. On that time i really thought of paying people to take me down. Lolz......

Studying accounts is really hard. I was holding back my tears when she shoot me. I know i a bit bodoh la. Please have some patience. T_T I am working hard already. This is really a challenge for me but i will not give up. I will try my best!!! *FIGHTING*

I am having insomia. I tried to sleep at 10++ and i was on de bed till 3 plus then only can drowse off to my lalaland. OMG 5 hours on de bed, my mind was so active. Aduh... This is the most torturing thing ever. Zzzzz....

Im so tired of waking up early, each time i do, de 1st thing i do when i wake up is PUKE!!!!

WTF every morning tasting those yellowish bitter sour gastric juice. Sien la... Ish Ish...

Oh yea for 4 years i have not eaten breakfast before. I had today and I feel sick. It wanted to come out but I control it. I must have coffee. Or else my eyes in de air con room dry until like dried longan like tat.

Okie la. I'll update next time. Need to sleeps di. Good Night all^^

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