Saturday, November 21, 2009


I was about to go to bed after updating the Chiko Blog. I went to Daph's Blog to Kepochi for a while and found out some thing that was not so nice happen to her, so I decide to take this time to clarify everything that happen.

This week was a quite a difficult week for me to go through. I have a lot things to think about which is making me depress and emo at the same time.

1. The Submittion of the Resit Form's Due date was on the 13November2009. I knew it after it reaches the deadline already. It means I cannot submit my form to attend my exam. I was so bloody scared that they will not accept my late submittions after a FEW days passed the due date.

2. My Dad's Company masuk pencuri when he is in overseas. My Aunt keep asking me, pestering me to contact him about the case. Which I cannot contact. And I couldn't help anything at all. Zzzzz...

3. I'm not feeling well. My left hand seems cacat abit. It urat-urat like stinging inside just by touching the outer layer of it only. My shoulder is starting to hurts again. Might strain i again. Old sickness. Zzzz

4. I feel sick staying at home. I wish to go back to my working life where everyday was like busy busy and no one controlling my life. My mum has been nagging me recently, saying I go out every night and complaining this and that, even the dog dun eat also my fault. Zzzz... I feel very sien already. Its like come on I've got a life okay? Is not like you don't know where am i going right? I told u d ma...
I have an intention of saying this to her. If you complain some more I'll move back to KL and never come back again.

5. I miss my freedom. I dun feel like staying here and listen to you nag everyday. I have my life too. Leave me alone. Thank You.

6. There is some thing really bothering me to the max. But I havent tell out yet. So I will clarify everything and the misunderstanding happened here.

Dear Babe,

Yes this is about the pictures. I'll be straight forward in this because between you and me there are no secrets. So lets start here. Remember that day in your house where I came to deliver cakes to you and Ken and Josh were placing the Jigsaw Puzzle for you. And when they went out, I took some pictures from your computer. And did you remember what I said to you then?

I was quite shocked and disturbed when I saw that picture posted in Facebook, even though you did not tag me but still it was on facebook.

I was really upset and disapointed that night, thinking about the promise we made.

I really appreciate that you respected me after I spoke to you the other day by removing that picture. I seriously do. I believe our friendship is stronger than that picture right babe?
I mean I still believe that YOU, my BFF is in the highest rank in my heart despite anything that happen. You were place there for a purpose. (diu u know I know la Zzzzz) I don't think the picture problem will affect our friendship? Its just a picture plus some misunderstanding only, seperti memakan burger tetapi salah letak gula. -Forgive my chikopekness- I hope you understand my side of the story now.

Im really sorry that what Jo says that hurt you. Because that morning i was quite sad plus my deadline for submitting for my resit form has pass already. I was mega stress and emo that morning, so I share my feelings with Jie, and I didn't know she will talk to Jojo bout it as well. Jojo didn't know the all story behind it, she just know my side of the story that's why she was siding me.

Jojo, that problem is just a misunderstanding only. I know you are always on my side supporting me, I appreciate it~ But this time is between me and her, is between our promises and trust. So I hope we can settle it okie??

I apologize for spreading my problems around, making you all worry and causing this BIG MISUNDERSTANDING which makes you all so fight and feel bad because of me. I am really sorry for all the bad things that happen to you all that is cause by me. I feel so bad for making you all like that. Its all my fault. Forgive me okie?

Thank you for understanding my situation right now. Huggies to all~

P/S: The Pig will always love The Duck despite anything.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Emo-ing In Progress

Its 5.40am right now. I just finish puking out my gastric juice. Just started to feel emo today and I couldn't sleep because there are a lot stuff that need to be think in my head. I have no idea what's the main reason that is upsetting me right now because I have too much problems to think about. I have been hiding this part of me since last 2 months. I'm trying my best to lie myself to go through this without feeling this way. But I failed. Seriously a lot things whether you like in a not just happen. I just wanna hide in the corner and cry right now. I know after I do, It will not change the fact or anything but I really feel burden up. I feel like talking it out but who can really understand how I really feel?
Its like everything happening at the same time. How to handle???

My BFF and Very Good Friends:
My heart is aching for some reason.
Guess I'm still thinking bout the pass. I miss my old life with all my friends there with me.
Its really depressing when someone just leave you without giving any warning.
I remember when Babe left me all by myself, I was so freaking depress I almost lose it, and before that, a group of Seniors A.K.A my Ah Kors which I was really close to just graduated and left the place. Not knowing when the heck can we all meet each other again.

Later on a very good friend of mine is gonna leave me, I spend the whole afternoon and evening crying on his bolster without him knowing I was crying. But the tears and mucus made a big stain on is so bocor rahsia la.

Saying Good Bye to some one dear to you is the hardest thing ever. It hurts deep down. Knowing you will not see that person again for a very very long time or maybe forever.

Loosing a friend, is like loosing a part of yourself and your Jigsaw Puzzle cannot not be complete forever without that certain piece that is so important to you.

My College Life:
At 1st I couldn't mix with my classmates. I tried mix with the girls but they seems to have their own group and couldn't fit me in anymore.
I was a loner in class, I always sit alone or with random people. This is call anti-social.
I terus go back home right after class. I wont stay back to hang out with people.
So later on when all my close friends left me I started to mix with some friends in class.

My Course Mates:
Apparently I was the only girl in my group, I don't know why the gals hate me that time.
So I was always been pampered and treated like a Princess.
My friends really took care of me that time.
I am the one with all the adventurous ideas of doing crazy things, and they actually accompany me to do all of them.
I was so lonely during my 19th Birthday because I was stuck in kampar alone, but some of my course mates accompany me back to Ipoh to celebrate it. I was really touch that night.

My Working Life
I miss my work place where everyone needs everyone everyday.
We spend every single moment together in the work place.
Berpuasa together, Trolley Hunting, Breaking Eggs, Peeling Potatoes and Onions, Hiding in Chiller, Making Orders, Frying Omelette and Eggs, Speaking to Foreign Strangers.
Getting scolding from my Boss.
I miss being wanted all the time.
I miss Arab season where it was so busy I don't even have time to cry when i cut off 1/2 of my nail.
I miss Chef calling me Ah Moi all the time.
And Italian Papa shouting "Stephanie Ho!! Do not run in the kitchen" and Italian Mama call me "Lui Pao"

Yes, indeed I am a workaholic when I am in duty. I feel the pleasure in being wanted in my workplace, thats what make me secure. I don't feel useless that time even though I'm a clumsy pig which always cause trouble to my chefs.

My arm hurts, got a flu injection from Doctor today. I hate injections. Zzzzz
Burnt my hair just now while trying to do something stupid. Dun wanna mention it already.

I should have listen to people's advice where I did not. He and She warned me"Don't eat the stuff that just came out from the oven, it is bad for your throat"
Now serve me right for having a bad soar throat. Zzzzz

I guess thats in for today. The people that is going to renovate the house is here already.
Sien la everyday also damn noisy... Gonna hide myself in my room i guess....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Continue-ing of this week activities

Inilah Chiko Senior's Bento Set~

After Piano Lesson Both of us like KO on the bed...

Memakan Claypot Chicken Rice~
Nga Pou Kai Fan~!

Scandal spotted. Ducky and Piggie~

Kita memang sudah ada jalan de...
Wanna pack but end up playing Guitar. Lols~

Memakan MCD for 3 suppers in a Row...

SS501 yesterday baru keluar.
Love like this~
I sudah addicted.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This Week's activities

Stayed over at Duck's place. Was amaze cuz 1st time see PINK TOOTHPASTE. Lolz

Went Lunch at Cafe Takahashi to makan. Sedap~

Dinner at Wolley for Cendol... Oishii des~
Not forgetting the Orh Jien, Herba Chicken Noodle, and the Vietnamese Spring Roll.

McD's for supper 2 days in a row....

Went Sushi King With CArmen.
Go Beli barang membuat Pizza and Bento.
We like Bimbo pergi shopping like Auntie like tat.
Its not glam at all to pegang plastic bag yang banyak with heels and pretty dress.
Any volunteer to angkat barang for us please >.<

Make Bento Till 4am in the morning. Wake up damn STEAM man...

Inilah hasil kerja Aku~!
Menu hari ini:
*Potato Salad
*Mini Ham Sandwich
*Mushroom Sauce on Roda Pasta
*Telur berbentuk Rabbit
*Onigiri perisa Salmon
*Small Rice roll berbentuk Comel~
*Konyaku Jelly

Adakah comel?

Inilah Babe aku yang memegang onigiri yang dibuat oleh aku dengan penuh kasih sayang~

P/S: Ichigo-chan thank you for lending me ur bento stuff babe~! Appreaciate it~! I will wash it back and simpan baik baik for u okie.... Thankz alot~!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sydney Trip 2009

Day 1
(My house, Taxi, Airport, Airplane)

Haven’t sleep since de last night because of the packing and preparation of food for lunch later. Had cooked pasta, sushi and salad for lunch. Duck Join us for lunch. I asked her to come send me off at the evening.

WK and Duck berchiko-chiko on my bed while I pack my bag. My bed was like dominate by the 2 LEOS of our Chiko Guild. ARGH… PIG STY AKU YANG SUCI TELAH DI-DOMINATED!!! I had to like sit on the floor and aku tertido pulak… Lols. The Duck wake me up to go mandi and get ready.

Later taxi came, say Good-The-Bye to Jie and the Duck den off I go. Papa and Mama not at home to hantar me off…

Went to fetch Caroline at her apartment den kita bermula our journey to Aussie~!

Reach KL den we check in our luggage and stuff, den cari makan. Caroline wanna makan at this place Old Malaya Kopitiam. This is the 1st time I drank a Teh Tarik cost Rm6.50. I’m like almost naik gila. It’s just a cup of tea with milk. Outside at de coffee shop selling for the most Rm2 this is like 3x de price of it. Zzzzz

So anyway this is the pic of de place and the food.

Caroline had perfume testing and those papers I’m holding are the sample of them.

My Soft-boiled Egg was Cold....


This is the airport toilet. Caroline was brushing her teeth and I tangkap her to take picture.

Aeroplane food.

Mine: Marble Beef with Potatoes

Caroline’s: Ayam masak merah with rice.

Imagine eating dinner at 11.30pm. Wtf !!!=.=

Breakfast: Chocolate Muffin, Strawberry Yogurt and Muesli Bar.


(Bus stop, China Town, Chinese Noodle Shop, Town Hall Square, Queen Victoria's Building)

Orh… Akhirnya sudah sampai~!

Auntie Shirley=My Godma and Auntie Sue =Her Cousin came menjemput us from the airport. We balik rumah and wash up and get ready for de day~!

We sat the bus to China Town.

We makan at this place at China Town named Chinese Noodle Restaurant.

The noodle is hand-pulled de. “Lai Min” –Sedap-

We ordered this Spicy Chicken Salad for Caroline cuz she wanna makan salad.

The Dumplings was good, but too bad cannot finish to had to da pao.

China Town

Orh sedap nya cake....

China Town Area

Sayang see got ur name der~!
Saw ur Hotel der =P~
Eat Drink Sleep... i also want... Kekes...

Town Hall Square

The Queen Victoria’s building.

So this is Queen Victoria sitting in front of the building.

Inside the Building. Stephie in action again, snapping picure in the old lift with random people.

So cantik the design. With Godma~

At night nothing special happen, we just went home early cuz Caroline was tired cuz didn’t sleep in the aeroplane.

Day 3
( The Circular Quay, Sydney Opera House, Government House, The Habour, WildLife World, Sydney Aquarium)

We went out by ourselves because Auntie was busy. So today went to the Habour there.

Had a drink in this expensive well known Chocolate Café named Guylian.

I had Special Guylian Hot Chocolate.

Caroline had Coffee with Ice-Cream and Liquor.

We went up this staircase which we didn’t know where it leads to. Apparently it leads to the Government House and The Royal Botanical Garden. So we went jalan jalan there and the scenery there was so nice. Got like very big parks with birds there. I think is the Parrot, Duck and so call Kiwi or Stalk there, and they are not afraid of humans. They just stay there only.

Try to do a jumping scene but gagal. Lolz These Birds welcomed us~!

The tree there sungguh the besar

(budak kampong tak pernah see pokok besar =.=)

This is the Government House.

I took picture with the Gardener at the Government House Garden. Lolz~

There is this place full of like old stones outside the Buildings area. Idk wad is it but it seems interesting… =)

We walked to see the Opera House. It was huge…

(Budak Kampung get amaze easily)

Orh sejuk kat sana… The wind was like blowing till my dress also fly and my hair like so poh like that, so had to tie up.

The Bridge of Sydney. Lolz that guy standing there didnt know he was in the picture too. =P~

It stated there “In the interest of safety, DO NOT CLIMB on angled panels" LOLZ~

Posted a post card for the duck at the Opera House.

The Opera House punya toilet damn GRAND lo… CAntik nya…

Compare with Malaysia’s toilet… =.=

So later we walked at the Habour there, Action-action Stephie Bermula… Hohohohooh…

Lols…. I go take picture with RANDOM PEOPLE without feeling MALU. Lolz~

1st picture: With this guy who dance to the song of the tube thing. Lolz… He’s like de mascot to sell the CD of the Music of the Tube.

2nd picture: U see there got 2 man hor? I actually wanted to take picture with the older one. But see see the young man came there and talked to him so I just tanya la

“Hi there can I have a picture with you?”

He said “Sure but who is taking the picture?”

I said “Over there, my cousin is holding the camera”

He said “Shall we wave?”

I answer “Okay!”

After picture taken, I just said thank you and ciao off…

Guess wad. I saw this same Man for 2 other times after taking picture.


1 is during walking walking

2nd time is we sedang cari makan that time tersepah him in this restaurant.

Hahahahhahs so Yao Yuin… Kekeks.

So when we sedang cari makan, I saw this interesting café named Vintage Café and I teringat pasal Jo’s Blog have the same word too. So after browsing all the cafés we finally decide to eat at the Vintage Café.

I had Smoke Salmon Pizza and it came with a free Side Salad.


Caroline had the Mediterranean Salad and Alcohol and Fruits. (lupa itu apa nama) =.=


Not forgetting to take picture with the waiter~

So later on after lunch off we go to the Wild Life World and Sydney Aquarium.

Tersesat jalan on the way =.=

Then we ask people de finally found the place. It was like so bloody far away. Adui…

Ada Spider and other insects. So interesting.

Walaupun telah jalan like shyte, tak mengapa, cuz akhirnya my impian melihat kangaroo sudah tercapai. HOHOHOOHOH

See see they so comel man… When it lay down it like buat pose sun bathing like that.

(pertama kali melihat kangaroo)

See see ada Koala juga… Lalalalala

Gembiranya aku ^,^

(budak kampung get so excited when see things she hasn’t seen before)

Hey the Koala hor so de comel. It terbangun from its sleep den slowly slowy fall asleep on de tree again… Adui so the comel…

Too bad cannot carry. I was expecting can touch de.

Other that this 2 got some more Wallaby, then got the Cassowary world 2nd biggest bird, Wombats, butterflies, Other birds and Ducks.


AMAZE... This is the 1st time I've been too such big aquarium before.
Ada banyak fishes, Sting Ray Penguin, Jelly Fish, Star Fish. Kakakaks...

The Shark Area... Orh besarnya Shark... Wow banyak shark ada besar ada kecik...

Stated there please touch, do not move them. Lolz...
The Star Fish is hard and bit soft.

At this point I really wanna get a better camera. So that I can take better pictures underwater. T_T
Behind me is the big big aquarium.
Here I met this CUTE PHOTOGRAPHER. He is like sitting there taking pictures of the sharks. I got so amaze. I wanted to talk to him but the woman sitting next to him started a conversation with him so I just diam. Lolz.

Dinner Time~!
Ate at home today. Auntie made Chicken Salad Thai Style and Salad

(Royal Botanical Garden, Art Gallery, Pavilion Restaurant, Steel-Place to drink)

Today we went to the Royal Botanical Garden.
This is the Rose Garden.

Saw something that cought my eye. Lols~
The 1st thing I thought is.........
Malat's Kingdom~

The Statues there.

The Oriental Garden with a Big Pond in the middle.
I got so fasinated cuz this is actually my 1st time seeing a real duck swim.

The Herb Garden. Guess Tai Yee will like this place a lot.
I dun even know de name of all of them.
Notice* the racoon picture on the tree trunk. It was actually a plastic wrapped around the tree to prevent animals to go on it.

We sesat-ed jalan on the way to the Art Gallery. It was a hot day that day, and we walked quite far on steps and slopes.
Then I went to ask this Auntie the way to the Art Gallery.
So finally we got there, but we were tired and thirsty at the same time. The only alternative wad the restaurant across the road.

The name of the Restaurant is Pavilion.
It is... Lols~
I had my cup of Cappuccino with a heart shape on it.
I didn't manage to take picture of Caroline's Pineapple Juice because she was too thirsty and finish it. Lolz~

We sat in there for quite some time because we were tired.
And then we decided to have lunch there.
I had the Beer-battered Fish n Chips
Carolinehad the Baramundi and Lemon Rissoto
I couldn't finish my Chips because they gave me so much so Caroline helped me.
After the Exploring the Art Gallery which no cameras are allowed, we went back to the Pavilion to look for Caroline's Guild Book. Thank God its der, or we'll be lost. Lolz~ Joking nie.
So we even sat on the bench to decide where to go next and ada masa ber-cam-whore. Lolz~

It was damn hot and matahari menyakiti mata ku yang tidak memakai sunglasses.
Later we had a drink in this place called Steel.
Quite nice place to drink alcohol.
Many Perempuan Berstatus Tinggi go there to dirnk Wine and Alcohol.
Lols~ We nie drink Cranberry juice...
U all know la wad will happen when Stephie gets drunk.
Budak knows well... Lols.....

At night we had Japanese. Nothing special after that.

(Blue Mountain)

We almost miss our train to the Blue Mountains. Omg so Gan cheong man. Adui...
Luckily we caught the train or else had to wait 1 hour for the next one.
Weather there in the morning wad like so freaking cold...
Adui... I bought a pair of glove. It even have like wap air coming out of my breath. Lolz~
I had a cup of Latte.
Caroline had a cup of Cappuccino.
Godma and Auntie Sue had Hot Chocolate.

This is The Carrington Hotel.
Well-Know old Hotel in the Blue Mountains.

Saw some thing which caught my eye.
Muffin-chan see see ur name I saw in Aussie~!
Then got lots of toy shop and chocolate shops.

This Place was behind the the small Art Gallery.
Berry the cantik....

This Building, was this Henri Van De Velde house since last time. They are using it as a tempat pelancongan to attract visitors to gain money. Entrance fee is AUD4.
I took picture with the people in the kitchen. He said i can hold the spoon. Hahas.
And he said while you are still here you can wash the dishes.

Inside no cameras are allowed so cannot take picture of the barbie doll and toys.
But the garden can la.

Found some thing damn interesting...
Hahahahhaha.... I saw this and I teringat Hidden Mickey.

The railway track~
Caroline was so tired she had to squat down.

Was liks so hungry. Ate Lagsane and Caroline had Pumkin and Sweet Potato Soup.
As usual, the portion was like so big I cannot finish even with Caroline's help.

The Crow steal people's French Fries on the plate =.=
Orh Big Koala~
Stated: No Food, No Drinks and No Drugs on this bus.
And we are eating Ice Cream on in. Aiks...

The Picture of the 3 Sisters. The 3 batu together tat one.
History of the 3 Sisters -my version n understanding-:
Long long time ago there was this Witch Doctor, which have 3 beautiful daughters. One day the Witch Doctor wanna go some where, den ask the daughters dun go any where and hide in the mountains so that no one can hurt them.
So the 3 sisters go jalan jalan and say this centipede and 1 of them throw a rock on it.
The Centipede was actually the evil monster.
The monster became so angry and wanted to killed the 3 sisters.
The Witch Doctor know about it and turn his daughters into rocks so that the monster won't harm them.
and turn himslef into a bird and flew away.
After the monster's punya anger mereda, the Witch Doctor's menjelma back to a person but he lost his wand. So he couldn't turn back his daughters into people. So now they remain of part of the mountain.

So these are some historical stuff there..
Notice the Tree* it means that both tree grows together and kiss each other. Lols~
I took picture with the guy in the cable car. Lols

The Witch Doctor and The 3 sisters punya picture.

Had Japanese again because Caroline craving for Sushi. Kekes.

(Sarries Hill, Manly Beach)

Had breakfast at The Book Kitchen Cafe,
It has all the the recipes books there.
So hebat...
The Food there also berry the sedap~
I had egg in bacon roll.
Caroline had Cranberry Juice.

Caroline had her Chocolate Raspberry Moose Tart and Espresso.

Had lunch in a cafe, We had like dessert.
Mine was Deep-Fried Banana Caramel, Mascarpone Cheese with Raspberry
CAroline had Mango Sago some thing with Coconut Ice Cream.

On the way to Manly Beach.
Took Picture with the woman sitting beside me.
I asked, Hi Mem can i have a picture with you?
She said in a serious manner, " u wanna break your camera?" while laughing
Im like "Dont say that. You look great"
-Use Super Junior punya style "you are so gorgeous"-
Lols so i puji puji her la... Lols..

Had Dinner at this place called Fish Cafe.
I shared a meal with Godma.
We had Fresh Oysters, Seafod Chowder, and Seafood Basket.
Caroline had Dory some thing.
Auntie Sue had this Deep-Fried Small fish. Lols

Head to the Beach....
The Black thing is Jelly fish.
So many Sea Gulls.

Ben and Jerry Ice Cream~
I went cuci kaki on the fountain. Wakakakkas....

Memakan Ice cream dalam keadaan Sejuk...
Opera house during evening.

(Padington and the Habour)
Had breakfast at Padington.
This Cafe is called Art Gallery Cafe.
I had my Latte and my Avocado, Bacon, Rocket Salad Bread.
Caroline had Mocha and Banana Bead with Honey.

We saw 2 cats that day. Aussie Cats are like so de big... So comel. Guess its 6 kali ganda bigger than Si Olen...
Alot of nice shops with Halloween Cupcakes.
Went to the Padington Market.
Ada banyak benda tengok...

Walked alot till hungry, I miss Asian Food that time.
I had Green Curry and Rice for dinner.
Caroline had some bread. Lols forget the name.

Finally i meet the Hyde Park.
Purposely take picture there for u to see de...

Was looking for the Chocolate place but sesated again. So decided to go back to the Habour to Guylian again. Aikz...

Had Iced Chocolate
Caroline had White Chocolate Ice Cream and Raspberry Sauce.

(Glebe, Italian Restaurant)

Wow the Park so the cantik. See the Ducks sitting in a Circle. So comel~!

Had a drink and Lunch at this place called Badde Manors.
Had Mediterranean Food for lunch. All vegetarian.
And Rubarb Apple Crumble Cake.

Sydney university.
Notice the blue Sky.
We all thought they were gonna spell my name.
I so perasaan till think some one would write "Stephanie will u marry me?"
Actually it was Stereosonic on 23november or some how. Lols.

This is a very funny scene.
Godma was having Ice blendded Strawberry some thing.
Caroline is having this Chai Tea.
I wan having this Blended Mango some thing.
At the end of the day, I end up drinking Caroline's Tea because my blended was too cold.
Godma switch with her Strawberry Blended with my Mango blended because her's was too sour... So end up Godma drinking my Mango Blended and Caroline drinking her Strawberry blended.

I took picture with this arab boy.
The mum was sitting opposite me was like staring at me cuz thinking I'm flirting with the husband.

Had Italian that night.
Garlic Bread
Tomato and Cheese
Mine: Lamb Cutlet
Godma's: Spaghetti and Prawns
Caroline's: Spaghetti and some kindda sausage.
Dessert: Chocolate Yum -ORH SEDAP-NYA!!!
Took picture with this woman and her Lil fren April.
The Shop Owner: Justinlla and Stuward.

Cam-Whore at night
Caroline de dead picture is damn nice.
I like it so much.

Godma help me kering kan the mushroom and blueberry so that can bring back not busuk. Hahahahs.
I bang my lil toe on some thing. The toe nail pecah half d... =.=

Uncle Terry and Auntie Rita -God'ma's Fren took us to the airport.
But before that we stopped by in the Bondi Beach which is well know of NAKED PEOPLE SUN BATHING there. Sorry cannot see any because we were too far. Lols~

Just in time for the plane. Was so grateful for Uncle terry and Auntie Rita for helping us so much. Uncle Terry had Lung cancer and yet helping us to take the luggage. I hope God will bless him and Auntie Rita and their health. =)

Was so hungry we gobble up our lunch. Lols... Omg de remaining Garlic Bread is still in my bag.

I guess thats all for now... Hope u all enjoy my Sydney Trip story~!
As promise I menghantar my scrip on Thursday~
Salam Mesra~

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