Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This is my 1st worst Christmas ever. Screw it sial thanks to some evil bastard with no brains. Maybe the Zombies ate it or maybe he just stores it inside his asshole which will keep it warm for it because of his selfishness.

23rd Dec

• Had Christmas dinner with the church.
Finish the Adventure Mode of Plants vs Zombies
• So bo sleep the whole day

24th Dec

• Went last min Christmas Shopping.

• Christmas Eve Dinner with Gong Gong at Beacon Point.

• Mama force me to sleep at bloody 9.30PM WTF sial. It’s like Christmas eve. Everyone are suppose to go enjoy and count down or somehow. And I had to bloody sleep or she will naik gila and throw my PC away. So fuck my Christmas Eve.

25th Dec
• Woke up at 7.30am not knowing wad to do. So play with the cats for a while and went back to sleep.

• Jie went out with the Bastard.

• Came back to take things to go to the Bastard’s place to wrap Christmas Presents.
• Dinner time going to the Bastard’s place to have Christmas Dinner.
• Parents went to attend another Church Christmas Dinner.
• I’m stuck at home EATING MAGGIE MEE FOR CHRISTMAS. Thanks to the bloody Bastard. Zzzz
• So went Parade for a while to get some stuff for Malat and Family.
• By 10pm I reach home and call Malat. Jie picke up the phone, saying going to play Left or Dead.
• Okie fine. I purposely bloody rush back and almost got hit by a car because wanna hang out with u all. And bought Ice Pearl Tea berperisa Taro for Malat to pujuk him happy cuz he work till CMI d.
• So Ok wanna go da gei go la. They say they will be coming back so I wait. But I was like waiting like So Hai at home not going anywhere just waiting for u all to come back to chill cuz Malat say not into hanging outside just wanna come over my place to chill. And I purposely bought Pancake Flour and Caramel Puding to have midnight supper TOGETHER just in case u all were hungry. If u are not coming back at least inform la.

I waited till like 3AM something only u come back and treat as if nothing happen like that. I check the time already. My friend call me that time was 3.30. Wai Kuan came back while I was on the phone. So is comfirm 3 something.
Yah that is how I bloody pass through my Christmas day. Screw that Bastard. It’s all because of him. I heard the real story behind why they came back late that night. Rupanya that bloody Bastard yang suggest wanna go da gei de. Jie already say play 1game only. Then Jie bising wanna balik they langsung tak pedulikan dia.


I’m not trying to control my sister or wad. Is because I wanted to spend time with her on Christmas day since our parents were out. I wanted to go to a nice restaurant and wear nice nice to have a nice evening. See see he go invite her to Christmas party already. Okie never mind. I will wait for her to come back, because she ask me to invite her some where to celebrate Christmas. So I suggested why dun we go over to Malat’s place because we wanna see him after his tiring week... So she said okie, She’ll come back early for me.

So I waited for her to come back. And she didn’t. If you were in my shoes wad would u feel? Already all my family members went out to celebrate, My BFF is MIA, and others got their own activities or in other states or country. All I have is just my sis and cousin who were suppose to be there for me and yet CMI because of him.

Wad do u expect me to do?

I already tried to be nice to u in comic fiesta. You kecil hati till block me in MSN. But this time u are damn KERTERLALUAN!!! I really hate you deep core. You make me, Jie and Malat argue because of it. It all your fucking fault. I hate you! At 1st u discriminate me, later you keep looking for my weaknesses and step on it, then you don’t admit that you are wrong and now u steal my sister and cousin. WHAT THE FUCK U WANT FROM ME SOMEMORE?? This week will be a busy week. Have to prepare stuff for New Year Eve.

Fought with Daddy yesterday. He is damn melampau. I offered to cook dinner, so mum and I went shopping for ingredients. We bought fish. So I was so in the the mood to cook that day. I made Fried Fish with Sweet and Sour sauce. Okie go cuci the Fish and Dry it and season it and fry. Done. So dinner time. Everyone is halfway done already.

Mummy suddenly ask me.

Mummy: Did you remove the Insang?

Me: Erm HA!!! Omg no I didn’t. I didn’t notice it. And even if I had I didn’t know how to do it.
Mummy: How can you dun remove? No wonder the Fish is bitter like that la. Me: *was about to apologize*

And daddy said

Daddy: How can you do don’t know how to remove the thing. “Tang Yue” Me: I really duno. I haven’t do it before ma.
Daddy: I thought u work in Palace for so long already. Even cut the fish you also dun ar?
Me: Yah. *was about to explain* Cut fish was the butcher……..

Daddy: *dun even wanna finish listen* Den you are very char wo. (In a very SARCASTIC WAY.)
Me: Yah I am very char de ar.
Daddy: *still wanna add flame* Yes you are, wad u learn there for so long? Cut vegetables ar?

I seriously naik berang already lo.

Me: I am that Char gella. I very Bodoh de ar. I wad also duno how to do de ar. So from now on, I won’t cook already since “I so bodo” So the whole table was in silent mode. Dad didn’t even dare to say a word. So serve him right. This is wad he gets for not appreciating wad I cook everyday and abusing his words on me.

So currently I’m on Strike.


These few days I dreamt about a lot of things. Mostly are the people I miss most. I couldn't see them in person so I had to see them in my dreams. Oh well at least It wasn't some thing horrible that happens.

1st night:

I dreamt about my grandma who passed away 4 months ago. I dreamt that she spokes to me and I fed her grapes. She was on the Wheel Chair.

2nd Night:
I had 2 dreams actually.

1st one was Daph and I at the Battle field of the Plants vs Zombie. So basically we were the plants and there will be like Zombies trying to eat us. So I was the attacker and Daph was the very important thing which is needed to finish the lane, and Its time of restoring was like very slow. So the Zombies almost reach at my lane to attack me, she quickly come protect me by standing in front of me, blocking the Zombies. And gave me chance to attack even more.
So eventually we win the war. I dun really recall what we did to celebrate our victory, but I remember there was a straw toilet there. I duno why. Later on we end up at some place which lead us to the back door of Palace.

I duno how to explain so see the pic above to try and imagine ba.

2nd dream
, I was walking towards the backdoor of palace holding a half bottle of ketchup . I saw some or my last time de friends and workmates. And I said Hi to them. But when I wnet in the restaurant, I saw Rasek, I shoke his hand, I saw Ling Ling, Nyah Nyah and Rempit. Lols… I was like hugging dem and dun wanna let go of them. Ling Ling's stomach so hard and big sial. XD Oh yea not forgetting Bustami. XD He was der as well. He was asking how come he has no hugs.
These prove that I really misses them a lot till I had to see them in my dreams and not real life.

I wanted to write out some memories of my Palace's life. But have to wait till nx time 1st ba. Here is one of my picts with them.

Alright den, Im going back to my dream land.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Comic Fiesta 2009 Sunway Pyramid

This Year's Comic Fiesta was at Sunway Pyramid on the 19th and the 20th December 2009.
We manage to finish up our Costume in time.
Chiko Group which went to CF were: 1.Raja Malat
2.NP Cherry
3.YAB Ratu Babi
4.SP Abi

As for the the other CHIKO MEMBERS who don't know who is Abi, She is our new Chiko member which our Raja Malat telah recruit her into our Guild. She dikasi pangkat Spokes Person A.K.A Suka Marah orang yang Berlevel 30.

So 4 of us bertolak dari Ipoh ke KL bersama-sama.

Reach KL at around 11 and go dress up till 1some thing only bertolak ke Sunway Pyramid.

Here are our Cosplay,

From Final Fantasy 7

Yuna the Summoner from Final Fantasy 10

From Death Note
Sorry my Hair wasn't Blonde and I didnt wanna wear a Wig.
But overall okie bo?

We were having Lunch at this place in Sunway.
Its so pretty
It has been a year since we came back KL.
Oh yea, People were like staring at us and the Waitress took picture of us as well.
And we got special treatment.

We got surrounded by cameras when we just step in.
So hebat~!
Like Celebrity like that....

So Hebat man....

Sasuke-Kun yang teramat BERGAYA.
Oh WK minta maaf kerana tak dapat tangkap gambar cantik u dengan u punya sasuke... T.T

Other Cosplayers

Hee~! I've found Azuma Kazuma from Yakitate and Ichigo from Bleach.

They are Real Twins...

Found Final Fantasy 7 Crew~!


Yuna Found her Tidus.

Adakah sepadan???
Chiko member approve tak?
YAB Ratu Babi approve~!

Fan Service

Berasa sedih... I cannot find my group.

Where is My Raito and L????
Apparently this L was in CF Day1.
Misa without a Raito or L


Ish Ish Ish.... Sudah geram. Pergi berscandal with Yuffie.

Which lead us into a fight over Vincent.

Telah menjadi Kawan dengan Yuffie.

Final Fantasy Group Picture~!

The Final Fantasy 7 Group hanya kekurangan Tifa and Aerith.
I mm kam yuen lo.... I actually wanna cosplay as Aerith but gagal... Ish Ish Ish,
and WK shud be Tifa...

Chew Sun spotted. I was looking for him every where... Lols~
Yes he's a HIM. Lols~

So tak tahu malu. I go ask Byakuya and Ichigo to pancung me.

Loves this Pose.

That Gal ask Vincent to Shoot her. XD

MAlat withe Tinkerbell~

Spotted another Yuna...
Jie Super Excited~!

Malat hampir mati......

Evil Misa Misa~

Baiklah... Hingga disini sahaja la... Tired Sial... Selamat Malam~! Story Time nx time ba. YAB Ratu Babi is going to Lalaland now...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

HAri Yang Malang

At the Evening today I was suppose to go over to Jenny's place to help make cakes. So at 6 I keluar my rumah la. My car like got some thing wrong like that. Like producing strange noises when i pusing the steering. So I went to check my engine. Really, the power steering oil sudah habis. So I went to Shell Station to get a bottle of it.

Very easy only right.
Step 1: Bukak the Power Steering container punya Cap.
Step 2: Bukak the Power Steering Oil the bottle Cap.
Step 3: Tuangkan the minyak dalam the container.
Step 4: Tutupkan the container Cap.

So after I bought the Steering Oil, I did Step 1, and Kecilakaan berlaku. The Fucking Cap fell into the Engine part. Im like Oh Shit tries to pick it up, but it was no where to be found. So try to open the seal from the bottle but cannot bukak bacause too tight. The Shell Indian guy saw me like bodo bodo like that try to come help me tuang the minyak, but see see
I told him I jatuhkan the Cap inside the Engine there. He helped me search search search the fucking cap but still cannot, even his friend also came to help find the cap. He said to me, next time ask us to help ma if you don't know, we can help one. (but but but it was so sinple to just tuang then thing in only right... T.T

Later on there is this Chinese customer who came to pump petrol there. He at 1st ask what happend? So the Indian guy told him What happen la, the cap Jatuh bla bla bla, LAter they push my car to the side to find so wont block the road lo. Then this Chinese Customer pass by my car to go to the toilet. He came back and help me to look for the Cap. But still cannot. This Chinese man stayed with me for like 20mins at the petrol station just to find the cap. Zzzzz

At last the Indian Shell guy suggested that I find a foreman to gau tim it tmr, to find spare part ke wad ever la. So he tied a clothe on the container punya hole with a rubber band, so that i can go home. I stayed at the petrol station for like more than 1hour to try to find the cap. Zzzzz

I rushed to the foreman place near Malat's house but it was closed already, I saw this Indian man and I assume he's a worker there, So i called him "AhNe boleh tolong ka?" He was on the phone he ask me what happen. I said i cannot explain so i showed him the steering container with the clothe tied with a rubber band. I ask him got spare part for it a not, and told him my cap fell down there. So he ask the Lou Pan out to bring a torch Light. So he came out with nothing and ask what happen. I ask whether he had spare part for the cap anot, he said NO have to order nie got. So im like HA DEN HOW AR? like suara menangis like that, that indian guy tot i cry so pai se.

So the Lou Ban duno how he hit hit the bottom of the car and the cap fell out. I shouted u know. I was very thankful to him lo. And thank God for saving my life once again..., HAiz.... MAlang nya hari ini... Adui...

Chiko Birthday


Budak came back for this interview. So he reached Ipoh around 12.30pm so I went to fetch him at the bus station. After that straight went to send bento to Duck. Den makan with her and Budak.

Menu of the Day:
Fried Rice with Char Siew and Prawns
ABC Soup yang di masak dengan penuh kasih sayang
Dessert: Mango Pudding

Fried Rice

Later Went Sunway there to look for this Hidden so called 5-star Hotel which i dun even remember the name. So this 5-star hoter hor very environment friendly de. Even the road to masuk is made our of small stones. Lobby not air conditioned, then got small pond around, with lots of flying insects. The chairs for guest are hard bamboo with a cushion. And ths thing which pissed me off is the chair is too big i cannot even lye my back on the chair. Okie imagine me, *short* which legs are not long enough to go in. I duno how to explain how uncomfortable it is so please see the illustration below.

Okie here is a picture of a comfortable chair where you can lean back and rest your back and neck, where your legs can reach the ground.

This Picture show an uncomfortable chair. Where your back and neck cannot reach the seat back, where the leg can still touch the floor.

Okie look at this, Imagine me and my short legs. I was so tired that time and I really wanna rest my neck and back, and I couldn't reach the chair. And If i would reach the back of the chair, my legs are not long enough to touch the ground so that wasn't comfortable at all. And I have to sit there and wait for Budak to finish interview. The chair was made out of the small rough bamboo, so it was quite hard. Anyways I was half asleep there because of exhaustion.

So anyway finally Budak came out. I was sweating IN A 5-STAR HOTEL WHICH CAUSE 1200++USD PER ROOM A NIGHT. We went to Jusco and sat in Sushi King to enjoy the air con. Had fried squid and soft shelled Crab.

Sudah makan half of it already. Lols

Mr Crabbie...

Later on went berjaran jaran for a while then head home.

I dyed Budak's hair... He pawn my 1st time of dying ppl's hair... Lols.. Anyway it turns out nice... Lols...
Later on, our Chiko Group had this surprise Chiko Birthday Party for our Beloved Chiko-M Man Wai @ Budak. He didn't know anything about it.. HOohohohoh

Location was suppose to be at Brewster but unfortunately, when we reach there, Happy Happy, Beria-Ria wanna go in that time............................

I was freaking close. So had to change location la. So Malat suggested Indulgence. Semua mata sudah besar. Lols.... But we went there anyway. Later on the Duck arrive. Duck and I sneak back to the car to sneak in the cake and ask Malat to sigh the Birthday Card which I made overnight. We ask the waitress to keep the cake for us, and she told us unfortunately we cannot eat the cake here because they are selling cakes too, but we are allowed to cut the cake there.

Later on we gave a speech for Budak. Lolz.

So Presenting the Birthday Boy.


We cut the cake in the restaurant and keep in back in the box to eat in the car later.

We were afraid that we couldn't make in time for the bus since it was 8.30pm, so we let Duck drive with her Dangerous Duck Driving skill (DDD). We made it in time at the Bus Station. Lucky the Bus got delayed, or else it might have left. After saying Good Bye, we fetch back Duck to her car at Indulgence and then back to Malat place. Waited for him to get this Laptop, WK went Yoda hunting while I fell asleep on the couch.

When reached home, I totally KO-ED. I totally died that time. I didnt even notice that Malat and WK were watching Beauty and The Beast and eating cakes and they on Orchestra Final Fantasy the whole night. They said they try to wake me up but gagal. I didn's even notice that Malat left the house. Aiks....

This is what happen for not sleeping the night before and Mega Hyper the next day but died at the next night. Lolz.. Alright for now...

Monday, December 7, 2009



It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag ten people including the person who tagged you.

I tag: Raja Malat, Np Wai Kuan, Duckhighness, Chiko-M Man Wai, Little Gal, Jean, Jojo and Muffin Chan if u are reading this.

Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real...nothing made up!

IF the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

What is your name : Stephanie

A four Letter Word : Shit
A boy's Name : Steve
A girl's Name : Sally
An occupation : Sailor
A color : Silver

Something you'll wear : Skirt

A type of food : Sushi
Something found in the bathroom: Shampoo, Soap
Something found in the bedroom: Shonen and Shojo Manga XD

Something found in the Kitchen: Spoon
A place : Switzerland

A reason for being late : Stuck my finger in the a beer bottle
Something you'd shout : Shut the Fuck up!!!

An insult/swear word: Stupid
A nice word: Serenity
A bad habit: Snoring
A movie title : Spiderman, Superman, Cicakman XD
Actor: Steven Chow
Actress: Sarah Jessica Parker

Something you drink : Strawberry Milkshake
Something you hate: Stupid People
A musical group : SUPER JUNIOR

An animal : Shark

A flower: Sunflower
A street name : Stanley Street (Hong Kong)

A type of car : Suzuki Swift
A type of fruit/Veg : Strawberry/Spinach

The title of a song : SORRY SORRY – (Super Junior)
A word that describes you: Sweet

Lolz... Finally Habis... Hohohoh... U all kena tag kena do also wo... Damn fun sial this....

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back from Hong Kong


Aku dah pulang... Hohohoho... Erm currently at Darren's House now... Waiting for the movie to start at 11.10pm. Will be watching Ninja Assasin tonight...

CAme back home it was a disaster... My Computer was like full of dust and everything was like disconnected from everything... Adui.... The modem adapter was lost and couldnt online.... Tat time really dulan lo.. Adui..

De next day, went to hantar presents and clean up my cpu... I unscrew the the whole thing and vacum it... Adui the dust was like.... =.=

Den Nx day went out with CAroline... Went Jusco and Parade. Den MAlat went to cut his hair... It was so short man... Will Post up the pictutes soon in chiko blog... Lols...

Went back mandi den went out... Going to movie soon... Till then tatas~

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