Friday, March 27, 2009

Who to choose??

Hyun Joong .VS. Hyung Joon

Oh my darlings.... Pls be mine... Can I please have you...

Jie I dun want Goo Jyun Pyo already... I want Hyung Joon n Ji Hoo both...
Babe I have gone nuts...
Amir I havent die yet, too early to die. Pls let me finish de drama 1st.
Muffin-chan tell me they are cute...
Malat, I know I am a chico. Wakakaka...

When I Fall In Love Again......

Hana Yori Dango Korean Version.

Top Left: Yi Jung @ Ki Bum @ Cute and adorable guy which is so sweet
Top Right: Putera Ji Hoo @ Kim Hyung Joon @ My Darling
Bottom Left: Budak Comel-Gyo Joon Pyo @ Lee Min Ho
Bottom Right: Frank Song Woo Bin @ Kim Jun @ Lelaki yang bergaya

Okie lets us bertenang 1st.... *Tarik nafas* WAHHHH.... Omg la my darling so bloody cute... Wanna dies di... But dun wanna die yet... Oh my darling...
This is the Hana Yori Dango Korean Version. I havent watch the Japanese Version yet but the Taiwanese one was awsome. Its story the same but different abit...

So apparently my darling have this band named SS501 which means
(Star Singers five becoming one)
*Tarik Nafas Again*
They are so damn cool. And there's another cute guy there also. And i have fallen in love again.
No point talking. You all will not understand my feelings gella. So lets just see the pictures of them and admire their charming looks...

My Putera Ji Hoo... Oh my darling...
Kim Hyun Joong (Korean: 김현중; Hanja: 金賢重; Japanese: キム・ヒョンジュン)
• Birthday: June 6, 1986
• Position: Leader, Middle Low Vocal, Rap
• Height: 180 cm
• Weight: 68 kg
• Blood Type: B
• Talents: Singing, Dancing, Piano, Guitar, Acting

My other cute cute darling... He is Super Cool... *Loves Him*
Kim Hyung Joon (Korean: 김형준 Hanja: 金亨俊; Japanese: キム・ヒョンジュン)
• Birthday: August 3, 1987
• Position: Middle High Vocal, Rap
• Height: 180 cm
• Weight: 68 kg
• Blood Type: O
• Talents: Singing, Dancing, Piano, Swimming

This one looks a bit like Ji Hoo..
Kim Kyu Jong (Korean: 김규종; Hanja: 金圭鐘; Japanese: キム・ギュジョン)
• Birthday: February 24, 1987
• Position: Middle Vocal
• Height: 181 cm
• Weight: 65 kg
• Blood Type: A
• Talents: Singing, Dancing, Magic Tricks

Park Jung Min (Korean: 박정민 Hanja: 朴政玟; Japanese: パク・ジョンミン)
• Birthday: April 3, 1987
• Position: Low vocal
• Height: 181 cm
• Weight: 67 kg
• Blood Type: O
• Talents: Singing, Dancing, Acting, Tap Dancing

Heo Young Saeng (Korean: 허영생; Hanja: 許永生; Japanese: ホ・ヨンセン)
• Birthday: November 3, 1986
• Position: High Vocal
• Height: 178 cm
• Weight: 63 kg
• Blood Type: O
• Talents: Singing, Dancing, Piano

I shall stop now. Pls adore my darlings sekalian... Kakakaka....
Needs to tido di.
Baik Lah Selamat Malam.
Hope can sleep... Overexcited already.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today's Report

I manage to finish all my task. Phew... That was quite tiring. I slept at 5.15am last night and was woken up at 9am by my dad to do his stuff. Anyway, it was amazing that I could open my eyes and force myself to get out of my comfort zone and take bath. My eyes wad red when i woke up. Lolz... Anyway, was hoping to eat fish ball noodle and mummy came back and say going some where else to eat. Okie one hope mampus di. Came home and took my car, thought going out with 2 cars so can drop my car to fix and go do stuff with daddy la. He say wanna identify what is wrong with the car 1st. I told him already the aircon the air was not cold. So he lagi on the aircon. I started paniking... So i close the aircon. My dad was like open and let it rosak 1st la den repair, so he on back. We went to some place which i duno where... (hahas wad to do i buta jalan ma dun remember where and how to go to the place) and i drop him there. I've found parking den i park.

So i was talking to perempuan mia on the phone, and then suddenly got smoke come out from my bonnet. I'm like WTF... I called my dad and i checked de bonnet. All the GREEN juice came out. Think its the coolen thing. The thing was like pancut-ing out u know. Yea ewe... I know... So anyway, we brought back the car back to my place and add some water in it when its cooled down.

Brought my beloved Midori-chan to see doctor then we went for lunch. Went pay dad's stuff, den went to celcom and i reported my 50bucks gone and they want me to go back the MayBank to get the letter. So after fetching daddy home i took his car and Ipoh Garden there and report this and that.

From that time onwards i realize my malay slang is actually quite good. Lolz... I speak fluently malay. They were like looking at me one kind. Hahas. So skip de boring part..... I need to wait for the letter to come only can claime back my 50 bucks.

When u get back home i on9 for a while and i went to my room wanted to change clothes and cook. See see i open my eyes i was on de floor sleeping. Aikz... Paise Paise...

So at 5 i started cooking. Mum had already started cooking. I had this menu in mind already and she change all already so i was blur... This time i just help la since all the thing she cook i tak tahu cam mana nak cook. So i cut the stuff for her, I realized some thing bout her when she cooks. she doesnt clear her stuff after she use.... It was like me when i was in Palace. I kena diou kau kau la... Other people clean my shyte. So i clean n put back her stuff. Then i do my stuff.

I fought with her this evening. She was like shouting Ah Lui. Ah Lui is either me or my sister la. Hell I know who you calling wo. Diou... Den I'm Like doing some thing else ma she is like shouting Ah Lui go cut that thing. Normally cutting things is me ma, when my kakak yang never come in de kitchen know how to cut things wo. So hot some more, want her to cut ar? Later she terbakar her hand or cut her finggers then how??

So anyway i wasnt in a good mood either i say back u no need so loud ge ur voice so big. She is like self defencing la. I calling ur sister ar. I told her, I know la i need to but that u no need to yell right??? She is like, I see you so many work then only i call her ma, why are u accusing me?
(cuz before that is she called me to cut de) Then I'm like a bit annoyed la, you no need to yell right? She say i dun yell no one hears me also. This part I'm a bit melampau la. I said, Its not that we cant hear you, is because we purposely act we cant hear you only ma. She naik gila and starting accusing me bout my boss firing me because of my attitude or some how. She say alot of things to hurt my feelings la. So lets forget wad she says.

So to cut it short, I apologize to her and she is like naik harga la and scold me back and i talk to her properly and tats it la. I lazy wannna layan this kindda perempuan. She tak ada law punya.

Few things i wanna clarify:

  1. I have not been fired, Its because she found a foreigner to work for her, thats why she have to ask me to leave.
  2. I have no attitude problems towards my boss, She praise my attitude the day i left. She said "I have been in this industry for 20 over years and this is my 1st time seeing ur this kindda attutude, so patient and never answer back, I really appreaciate you working here eventhough its a short time but thank you" This was excatly what she said to me. SO THERE ISN'T ANY WRONG WITH MY ATTITUDE!!! Is just that some times i like to say some sacarstic things to kik her because i tai mm gua ngan wad she is doing.

Other thing you can critize but not this. This is really my buttons for my bombs.

Phew anyway... Thats it for today. We shall cont tmr. bye bye.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good Morning Malaysia

Its been a long while, since I've wake up early. Today need to do a lot of things. Task for today:

1. Get my car fixed
2. Go Celcom Service center to claim de 50buck i reloaded but cant reload
3. Have to do some work with daddy.
4. Eat Fish Ball noodle
5. Wanna go shopping but bo money... so oh well lets forget bout shopping
6. Cook dinner yesterday ate japanese di....

I think that's about i guess. Oh busy-nye hari ni... Okie la need to go already... See ya soon~

Bon Voyage~!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Internet connection making me miserable....

Omg la.... Aduh... 1 whole bloody week without internet... feel like dying.. wannd do stuff also canot.. wasting my life only. okie here it goes...

1. I cannot research my stuff
2. I cannot send emails or check mail when i need it
3. I missed Ardynn's wedding in maple
4. I couldn'd ask infomation bout the cooking course in Perth.
5. Damn bored at night have no one to talk to.
6. Wasted my weekends

Aduh... Damn angry. the morning can use then the evening KAPUT di...

Okie la i later only continue. Got stuff to do now bye bye...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This will be my 3rd official blog... Will be uploading a lot of cool stuff soon...

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