Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lols~ Sorry for the shitty post earlier. Was rushing to go to class. Yea, regarding to my earlier post, I have shifted to Kampar again. Yes again. I will be having classes for Chemistry and Computer & database management system. Classes will be on Monday to Friday. I've found a place to stay there.

Weather is complety shitty recently. 1st day in Kampar I have transform into Roasted Suckling Pig.

Yes is this bad.

1st day I register for my subjects and did banking to my College and come back College and Pay and get resit and bla bla bla see lecturer, copy time table. My time table was occupied on Monday till Friday. The time damn shitty lo. Computer class is all morning class, and Chemistry Class is all in late evening. Adui. Wanna come back Ipoh also susah le...

Later on look accommodation there to stay. I beg the fella to rent me the place because they change the rules which must rent minimum 1 year, and I just needed to stay for 2- 3monts nie. And OMG i forgot I have a hidden talent which I totally forget. This you must ask Daph, she kena till beh tahan d. LOLS~ Which is nagging. HAHAHAHS

YEa nagging, I was like nagging the woman there to bloody rent me a room till i have to say words like this:

  • Please gimme a room.
  • If u dun gimme a room where am I gonna stay? In the car izzit?
  • Come la... I stay 2-3 month only. I can give u back the room early.
  • I really bo place to stay le.... come la come la rent me a room la..
So finally they kesian me yang no place to stay and rented me a room. My case they put special case. LOLS~ Thank God for my hidden talent.

I stay back to attend Chemistry class at 4-6pm and after class i flew back Ipoh, So sleepy, and I terus sleep when come back till 1am some thing wake up eat dinner and pack my stuff to stay a kampar. Pack till morning and terus went to class.

It was computer class at 11am-1pm. I went to class and guess wad? I was the only student. Lols~ So class dismiss earlier le. Lecturer say wait the nx day nie teach.



Adui. I went to check in my room and pack n clean it up. I did a good job mopping the floor 10 times because it was so hot. Ah Ting help me to take my stuff up my room. Thank God it was only 1st floor. Wasn't alot of thing though. Only the stuff I need le plus my stuff toys. XD

I brought Bunny and Hippo there. Last time was Doggie who teman me. Debating shall I bring him as well. See la how.

Evening got class. Den after class I pass out in my room, then came abck Ipoh cuz Malat is leaving already. im sorry I coudn't teman u longer... Safe Journey back yea~ Come back soon to Chiko with us ar.. Will miss u every day n night... Hohoho.. Kasi u ciuman panas sebelum pergi.... MUA MUA MUA MUAXXXX

BAik lah selamat tinggal everyone, Will come back weekend for baking class. See u all soon~!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good Bye Ipoh, and Halo to Kampar!

yah so good bye~!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wisdom Tooth

I never in my life wanted to see a dentist this badly. Yesterday night, my gums started aching. and I feel it start to grow bigger and bigger. It hurts me the whole night I couldn't even sleep.

It looks like this...
See the swollen gum there. I couldn't even close my teeth together and couldn't even talk properly in the morning...

The whole night I have been applying bonjela on it to reduce the pain.

I almost use half of the tube already. I was so thirsty but couldn't swallow anything, my jaw and ear hurts at well.

This was a full tube bonjela before I use it.

I waited till moning 9am and call up the clinic to make an appointment to treat my gums.

1st Clinic I called was fully booked.
2nd Clinic I called, they gave me 4.45pm. I was like I pain till wanna die and didn't sleep the whole night u expect me to tahan till then ar???
3rd Clinic i called, they didn't pick up.
4th Clinic I called, the earliest appointment they gave me was 3.30pm and I didn't know where the hell it was..

So finally Jie came back. I cried to dad saying pain like shit like tat. He ask me to ask Jie to fetch me to the 3rd clinic to go there and wait better than waiting here la... So Jie fetch me there... THANK GOD that they have place for now.... I only have to wait for 1/2hour nie...

So Jie and I waited till then and finally it was my turn.

And I come out in less than 5 minutes.... XD

The Dentist said it was bloody swollen... He see see and cucuk cucuk abit den he told me there was a wisdom tooth under the gum was growing. He said he's gonna give me antibiotic and pain killers and if it still hurts I have to go back on Monday to operate the gum and remove all the pus and remove the cut off the gum and later need to pull out the wisdom tooth.

I pain till mother also dun recognize me already I go ask him can operate now ar? he was shock and said no. Lols...

Had McD for lunch... Because I cannot bite, I had bubur ayam, I ate all the porridge and left the chicken and onion behind... i cannot even bite a small piece of chicken. Imagine the pain....

So this are my medicine....

This was last year when I pull out my wisdom tooth... Freaky...

The Equipments was bloody freaky... The needle which he used to poke me was freaking long.... I think he gave me about 3-4 injections to numb the gums.
After pulling my tooth it bleed so bloody much sial. I was like swallowing blood.

Damage on myself

I think this year I quite malang for gettthing bruises and scars.

I burnt myself with the oil, knock my knuckles on the steel when I trip, trip on the tap water and got a big bruise on the leg, Lat dou on a hot plate and scratch by my cats and dogs.

Baking classses.

Chrysanthemum flower and some flower. XD
See also know Sifu make de.. Lols..

The pretty one le not I made de... Lols... See the most untidy one le is I made de la...

Those was fake cream lai de.. Not eatable de... We need to beat it to make it firm. So I offered to beat the cream. I put it in the big mixing bowl and wanna pull the bowl up to be beaten. I was like pulling the handle of the machine and producing a noice "HEK HEK HEK" while pulling the handle... I didnt know Sifu was in the class room as well... I look behind he was giving me the WTF look and every one laugh at me.... So pai se that time and i did it so naturally some more..... So end up he help me to beat the cream and scoop it out to the small pails... XD

Replacement Baking Class 4

Continuing to make sweet dough. Made sausage bun, ham bun, peanut bun, custard bun.

During lunch time, I go kacau Sifu again and they were force to eat lunch with me... Actually one of them didnt wanna go de, and the other one ask me do u wanna eat lunch and I nod in a kesian way. XD So they were force to go with me. HAhahahas.. They went yum cha lo.. I ate chap fan again.

My bunny and babi custard bread

I was so tired I slept in class while waiting for the bread to rise...

Hopes of the Mandarin Orange.
-To give us prosperity because its called KAM = GOLD
-So the more you eat the more Gold u get.

The other day was craving to eat mandarin oranges, so went to buy it.
Night time I at like 3 biji of mandarin oranges.
In the morning sakit perut till wanna pengsan wo... Kanasai orange really kasi me PRODUCE GOLD.
Ish Ish Ish...

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