Saturday, March 27, 2010

Where are you Kim Kibum? I miss you....

Dearest KiBum,

Where have you been? You have been MIA ever since.... haiz I also don't know when... Feeling sad and disappointed not seeing u in The Super Show2.I really wanna meet you and say

Oppa Sarang heyo!!!

Well I guess I've gotta wait till I get a chance. I miss you so much... Where did you go???

and, I've finally found you....

Kim KiBum, member of Super Junior has been acting in this movie called "Joomoonjin"
Its a Romantic Ghost story, and he is the Main Guy Character. Erm actually he is acting as the Ghost.

The Plot of the movie:

A magical love story involving a man who lives his life like a ghost and a country girl that falls in love with him.

On a rural mountain in Jumunjin, South Korea a girl named Jina (Hwang Bo-Ra) runs a mountain lodge. The place is soon set to close down because of rumors that ghosts live in the lodge. Jina then encounters a ghost (played by Kim Ki-Beom) who she takes an interest in. But, the closer she gets to help him the further the ghost pushes her away.

I'm on the way watching it. The Girl Character damn Chiko lo. Lols... Kibum is a damn hot Ghost. I want him like so badly. Ish Ish Ish....

Here are some cute pictures of my Darling KiBum

This is the girl.
My Kibum look so cute sial!!!
Wanna kasi him Ciuman Musim Bunga!!!

The Movie Pictures


I feel like crying too.

Omg darling playing Guitar... So lam man!!!

Omg he is so cute its not even funny. At least I've found where he is now. I hope he will be joining back the group soon.

I miss him I miss him I miss him I miss him I miss him I miss him

Oppa, may you be well and healthy. I'll be waiting for you to come back hoping to see you in person one day.
Oppa, Sarang hamida~!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cha Cha Cha Change

Its time to change. Was so looking forward to upload pictures n video of SUJU's concert. When I open my PC, the screen was red in colour, I was like Wtf.. So angry man... And cannot online. Was so sedih.. Adui... So anyway will upload pictures and video when I get a change... Well, am in Kampar right now... Coming back soon to up date my KL trip n Suju's concert.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Update

Weather is damn hot here... But I guess its a bit better than the Chinese New Year Season. I have been very hard working to clean up my room and mop the floor. Lolz... If you know me well enough, you may know how was my room like last 3 years back. XD

This week Chemistry class has change to morning class. Sux I hate morning class... It suck all my energy out, didn't wanna wake up. Computer class was fun, I guess i know wad am I learning...This Friday will be my mid term. i hope I can get good grades for it~!

Erm... Made some new friends this week, Actually it was "Ah Fong"'s -my only fren in class- friends. We went out for dinner together in town. I had this Claypot Noodle which cost me only Rm2.70. I'm like stun when she pay me back the balance. It was so mega cheap. It even have egg inside of it.

Went Tesco and bought some juice and Puding~ This are so good during hot weather!

My favourite flavour is Honey Dew~!
Actually I liked all of them~!

I have been good for attending class frequently. XD

This is how I look in college. Damn nerdy hor?
I love my fake glasses.

Had cut and straighten my hair.

Secara tak sengaja, I ask my hair dresser to cut me a straight fringe, and he asked me to close my eyes while he cut. After he finish cutting, I open my eyes and looked at the mirror, I was damn shocked to see myself, because It makes me look like Lady Gaga the Poker Face stlye. Lolz, so I secretly lauging at the salon. XD Too bad I wasn't blonde if not sure look like her more. Hahas.


And Presenting Lady Steph Gaga......

This pic is damn Epic!

My Friend is calling my Baby Gaga~
He said: Watzup Baby Gaga? R u the cool gurl in claz?

Here are some of my camwhore pictures.


Scenery outside my room~

Oh yea!!! The otherday I went Watson and bought this de-worm tablets because I suspect I have a big worm in me. I know its dumb but this is a true story. I ate the tablets which are these at night.
and then, the nx day i pooped. I know its gross but this really happen!!!! I saw some this like a black long tape stuck on the poop. I suspect its the worm. So after de-worming I felt better. Even my appetite got smaller. Kekes

3 more days till i see Super Junior!!!
Gonna hear Sorry Sorry LIVE....

There are actually 13 member de. But 3 of them couldn't make it.
They are:
  • Kim KiBum -sudah lama main MIA now he is acting some where- *my favourite member lai de. Damn sad...
  • Han Geng -the Chinese Guy- He is suing SM for over working him... Damn sad lo he's gonna leave the group... DAMN SEDIH I CRIED WATCHING BLUE TOMORROW!!!
  • Kangin -was sued for fighting so will not be joining the group for a while. Haiz....

Rememberence of our missing Members.

KiBum Oppa...

Kangin Oppa

Han Geng Oppa.

Oh well, at least 10 of them are coming... Plus Henry Lau the Violinist.

Must give full support to Henry~! He is trying his best already.

Finally SuJu coming Malaysia for concert. I am very excited to see them. I wanna give Ciuman Panas kepada Abang Hee Chul... Wakakaks... Hope to welcome them in the airport. KeKes~! Will be going over to KL this Friday and coming back on Sunday evening. Will be skipping baking class because of SuJu~ Lolz... It okie already cuz I bribe my Sifus with food today. Kekes...

Right then sleeping time gotta rush to class tmr again. Hope to update more nx time.... Take care till then~!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Manyak Manyak Stories~!

Story No.1: As Promise, Kampar Life.

Well this is my bed~ I forgot to take a picture of the room. Nx time 1st ba~

Yep its full of my stuff. Kekes... Feel more secure to have them here.

This is the view from my window. I should take pictures of the scenery.

Bought some snacks from Tesco:
  1. Milk
  2. Honey Stars
  3. Biscuit and Cookies

The honey stars was disappointing. Remember last time when u eat honey stars? The milk will become sweet. Now the cereal really lost its quality. It was TASTELESS!!! So disappointed, really wanted to eat HoneyStars badly. The Teddie cookie goes really well with milk~!

I've got this table from Pasar Malam for only Rm20. It is fold-able and portable. So cool man. i like this a lot. Its the same height as my bed so I could put my stuff nx to my bed~!

I normally Da Pao food back to my house to eat because I have no friends to accompany me for meals. So better eat at home rather to eat there all alone, and I have this fear of seeing people I know and they start to ask you "U alone ar?" I rather take away and run away and eat in a place where no one can see me. As u can see, I over ate that night. It was all my favourie food. I had it for dinner and couldn't finish it. I kept it there until supper time.

I realized weird insects like to visit my room. Scary man. I hate insects, I even hate the one who come and kacau me or land on my face. Screw it sial!!!! That is was the white moth did to me. Dangz... Yesterday a green moth came in my room.


My best friend. Mamee Tom Yum Bihun when I get hungry at night.

I cooked in my room with the induction cooker I brought. Very handy and convenient.

The Funniest thing happen today~
Lolz~ When I wanted to go mandi, I went to look for my towel. I really duno how it got arounf bunny, and Bunny was posing in such a sexy way with my towel.

Story No.2: Shoes

I bought 6 pair of shoes this month. I feel bad sial... But since I haven't been buying Shoes and clothes for a very long time I shall forgive myself. XD

1st Pair cost nie RM12
Ok la use to pakai for normal oaction, I dun even have nice kasut biasa. Ciz

2nd Pair, 2 inch high heels
cost i think Rm30++

3rd pair: Cost nie RM6.90
I like it cuz its pretty and it has cherry blossom on it plus my fav colour^^
Can wear in Pasar Malam.

4th pair: My favourite pair!!!
Cost RM12 ONLY
The most comfortable flats ever! Looks pretty and it matches my nails.

5th pair: My pumps, my pumps my pumps my pumps.
Really like the flower buckle its so elegant~!
It cost: RM39.90

6th pair: I saw alot of people wearing these kind of shoes so I wanted a pair too.
Some really had big jewel on it where I don't really like, but this pair just had the perfect size of jewel on it. So i chose it~!
This cost: Rm34 like tat. I forget.

Story No.3: 1st Successful and Well Decorate Cake

I have been practicing to make the flower right. Well I guess practice does makes perfect~!
I'm satisfy with myself. Lols^^ So this is a shaped No.1 cake.

1. Cut the cake into the shape of a 1
2. Put the 1st layer of cream (berry nipis de)
3. Apply 2nd layer of cream and spread it smoothly
4. Use pipping bag to make side decorations
5. Make the flower Icing and place it on top.

Well what do u think of my peony flower?
This is my most favourite flower among all of them and I took so long to master the skill to make this.
The Happy Birthday in Mandarin was written by me. Lols... Sorry it looks like shyt.

Story No.4: Teluk Batik

Was force to go Teluk Batik cuz someone wanted to go there. Was actually very tired and wanted to sleep.

Explanation from my friend Ki Bun:

Alex Chia: sum body told me frm kampar go teluk batik only take half an hour...then i follow...we move on 2am...then i keep asking "sudah mau sampai ka?"my fren say almost liao...mana tau...2 hour juz reach there...==then go to walk no more than 15 min...go b to kampar...2 hour point i go there...dunno y i ...follow==wuwuwuwu~vry tire nw...later still wan b midnite pass like yam gong wo...

Yea he posted this in FB. I guess its more than enuff of explanations. Actually there were more stories behind but I'm gonna skip it ba... He complaining tired! Who is the one driving? Zzzz...

So anyway here are some pictures I took there.

Story No.5: My Dumbness

Where shall I start?

1. Yesterday night I went mandi, so normally I come out with a towel, but I forgot to close the windows in my room, so i switch off the light in my room so outside can't see anything la. Close already I tried to get my clothes which are in the drawer in my cupboard, when I bend down, I knock my head on the cupboard door because I couldn't see anything. I was thinking, It was all my fault for closing the light a know i couldn't see in the dark. =.=

2. I went to pasar malam with my ONLY friend or so called classmate named Ah Fong. I bought Chee Cheong Fun and Tong Sui and some snacks. She had to go back to class after that, so we ate in the car. I ate the Chee Cheong Fun yang paling sedap di dunia which I am going to promote his stall nx week~! Yah so I ate the Chee Cheong Fun and it was pedas, so I was asking Ah Fong,

Me: Why today this Chee Cheong Fun so pedas geh? -Cuz last week I ate that one was sweet de?
Ah Fong: Ur fault for not telling him u wanted not pedas de.

Omg she is right, I didn't tell the fella I didn't want it spicy. My fault... So she asked me to drink the tong sui to kurangkan the pedas. So I suck the tong sui with the straw, Yah I suck the straw. Yes I did suck. but why the tong sui wont come out??? Ah Fong looking at me, wondering wad the hell was I doing? she then said "lift up the straw la u are sucking the plastic bag la". So i was like.... ? "OH! I see no wonder it couldn't come out". She was looking at me one kind so I smile back at her. Was so pai se sial.

3. This was at baking class, that time was practicing making the flower deco,

Sifu asked me: Stephanie, what's ur progress?
I answerd: I'm on the way.

Okie for us english educated 'On the way" means that we are half way there or almost done. Its normal for us to understand it. But Sifu finds it funny for me to say because in his point of view "on the way""on the way" is like driving like and you are going to a certain destination like that.

So he look at me and said, "on the way wo? u sampai where d?"
So I answered "Almost reach reach toll d lo"
And all of them laugh.
And the whole evening they have been talking about Jalan Raya, who sampai where d. Kekeks all because of the "on the way" influence.

4. Just now Pastor Chong came visit my house. They were talking about Mr Brown, so I was wondering who was that so I asked, Jie answered Gordon Brown. I was like who is that le? and they said UK Prime Minister. So I was like Oh okie... Then I ask den Bush leh? Jie answer that is US the Prime Minister. Oh ya hor... And I ask so how is he n0w? Jie said he retire d now OBAMA took over. I was shock. I didnt know Bush resign d... So I asked Jie then OSAMA? She answered OSAMA is the TERRORIST LA!!!

5. I just realized ar... That I can upload more that 1 picture at a time in blogspot by clicking -Add another Image- All these while I have been uploading 1 picture at a time. I feel so dumb... Zzzzzz... Oh well, the good news is I know how to upload more than 1 picture at a time already. Thank You...

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