Saturday, January 30, 2010

Replacement Baking Class 3

Its the 3rd day of my replacement class today. The whole night couldn't sleep was insomia for a while and then had this weird dream. Heard the the alarm rang at 8.45, woke up, woke WK up for class, when back to sleep.

Aksi-aksi seekor babi...

And.... I over sleep... I woke up at 10am... I was like oh Shimata... Went to bathe, and get ready for class. Ask driver to send me to class and manage to reach there around 10.30am. Yosh~ came class and Sifu wasn't there. Hohoohoh so didn't kena scold. XD appreantly he lost his car keys. So the whole day his mood wasn't that good.

I'm quite disapointed on myself because I couldn't beat the bloody bread right. Zzzzz It was too wet this time. Even my juniors can do better than me. It is so memalukan as a senior. Zzzzz...

Lunch break I went to cari they all -my sifus- to makan. 1 playing computer, 2 reading magazine. Thank God he found back his key. It was inside the rubbish bin with his nasi lemak stuff. XD

Went back bake bread.

Finish school, i call mama to come fetch me, and she send driver over. I wanted at the shop there. Everyone was there. Even the headmaster. They keep teasing Sifu de Key hilang and stuff la.. And when Ah Hoe Sifu saw me, he asked me "lei cho mat ye wo?" The same joke which he created to tease me. Lols.

Den I was like peeping at the door to see whether driver reach already anot. Sifu ask me, today u no drive meh? i said no ar... Hard to find parking, then they started to tease me say his driver bring his ant to see doctor today. XD

Ah Hoe Sifu was like smelling his shirt which he was holding. He smell till song song like that den I was hou kei, I tought the shirt was like clean and have soap smell... So I went and smell it. It was smelly. Sendiri cari pasal. =.= got cigarate smell de. He say he cannot afford to buy branded perfume, den i was like dog perfume? He said no la.. Ha u bad ar say i use dog perfume.....

So later Driver came, Ah Boon Sifu and Ah Kit Sifu send me out and say bye bye to me..

Went home and slept. Was to tired. Was suppose to go eat dinner with gong gong but was like having a bad migrane so continue to sleep. Watch Mai Otome with Jie today... Orh hebat nya.. Jie downloade Black Butler...


Friday, January 29, 2010

Intersdting things that happen today

After sending Gong Gong home, Jie wanted buy a cardboard for homework. But we got thirsty on the way. So drop by at Lou Wong Nga Choi Kai there to get some drinks.

So I went down and ordered some drinks from the Boss who is sitting at the counter. Conversation goes like this:

Me: I wanna da pao drinks pls.
Boss: What drinks u want?
Me: Erm 1 Kam....... -I forget wad's it called-
Boss: Kam Kat Sui izzit?
Me: YAh YAh Kam Kat Sui, and one more..... -I forget wad Jie wants d- So I asked, wad leung Sui u have ar?
Boss: Tung Gua Longan
Me: YAh Yah... one of those please.
Boss: U want Ice?
Me: YEs please.
Boss: -Order people to da pao it for me-
and he asked me: U didn't da pao noodles ar?
Me: -answer naively- Nope
Boss: Oh den where are u gonna drink this?
Me: In the car lo. -while paying him money-

after handing the drinks to me I said thank you and bye bye to the Boss. And I just notice myself coming to a famous tauge ayam shop just to da pao drinks. Like how to say..

Seperti pergi ke Italy and makan McD like that. Lols...

So on the way Jie said there is a Duck shop near by and I said I wanna see. So this reminds me of my Duck.. Lols Its Dela Duck not Bela Duck... Lols..... Hahahahhas I pandai Pandai go tell ppl its Bela Duck -Rare Duck- XD

orh babe also DD
Daphy Duck.

Wonders wad does it have inside.

So Nx destination was parade. and there was this uncle driver driving like chikopek, driving in the middle of the road and turned where he cannot turn and almost hit our car and I press on Wk's hon.

It goes PEEEEEEEENNNNNN. and WK said Padan Muka.
I tease WK saying, If it were u who hon it will be "peen" yang pendek.
And we laugh whole journey.

Jie went popular at Parade to get her stuff while I waited in the car.
Got a nite scene of parade from the car.

Cupcake yang Mega Comel.
Everyday we will praise her with songs created by WK.
  1. CupCupCupCupCupCupCuppie
    I love the Cuppie
    You love the Cuppie
    We loves the cuppie
  2. Everyone loves the Cup
    everyone loves the Cuppie
  3. Who's the Chou Chou CupCake?
    Ugly Fuck Face
    Fuckie Cupcake
    Fuck Fuck CupCake
  4. Who is the Comel Lil girl?
Credits to WK for such great imagination.

Song dedicated to you:
Created today by WK:
-Follow Big Bang and 2NE1 den Lollypop rhythm-

Verse 1
Nah that's not QQCupCake

Verse 2
Snowy Snowy Snowy Fart
Oh My Snowy Fart
Snowy Snowy Snowy Fart
Oh Snowy Fart Fart

The rapping part belum dicipta. So till nx time~

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baking Replacement 2 (Ark of Love)

Baking Class History:
Place: Chef Siew Baking Center.
Days: Saturday & Sunday
Time.3pm-6.30pm or some times earlier

Classmates: XD

  • Rachel -Sifu and my translator-
  • Yean -tallest, im closest to her cuz she jaga me-
  • Teng -our dai kar jie-
  • Mei Yee -lefthanded and vegetarian-
  • Janet -youngest among us-
  • and I Lols -the most mafan student, dun understand hard cantonese, need translation from Rachel,misses lots of class cuz went holidays-
So 6 of us are known as:

Young's Female Warriors

-Yeung Kar Jiong-

Erm I'm not too sure bout the details of this but it seems like there's this chinese drama very long time ago where the women has to fight for behalf their family. I guess.

Even thou we see each other twice a week we manage to have this simple yet caring friendship between us. Its nice to have them as classmate and friend. Exam time was like the most gan cheong part ever. We all encourage each other that our dough is rising well. We once said waiting for the dough to rise is like waiting for our wives to deliver the baby.

So anyway Im the only one who need to attend replacement classes to for going holidays and skipping class. I guess I need to come like 7 more times only can clear my debts. So now I need to be there no Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Everyone was shock to see me there. Even headmaster ask me wad am I doing there. Lols.

Just to make things more easier to understand. I have 3 Sifu all together, not including the Headmaster.
Sifu level 1 Ah Kit Sifu -BREAD-
Sifu level 2 Ah Hoe Sifu -CAKE-
Sifu level3 Ah Boon Sifu -CAKE DECO-
Headmaster Chef Esben Siew -ADVANCE CAKE DECO-

So today was my 2nd Day of replacement class. Woke up at 9am and got ready. I didn't drive today because the parking was so limited there. Mum dropped me there at 9.45am. Our car was like just behind Ah Kit Sifu's car. So when reach I went down the car and wanted to take my equipment box which is on the front seat. My driver suddenly come out and intend to help me with it, and at the same time.......

den den den........

At the same time, Ah Boon Sifu came out from the center and both of them saw Soosai and they got shocked. I said to him its okie Soo Sai I can carry the box myself. Then I berpura-pura nothing happen but feeling awkward and great them "Good Morning" and walked to class.

And guess wad?

I WAS THE EARLIEST TODAY. Pecah my record im Miss Late guild book.

So I switch on the lights and aircon, waiting for my other classmates to come.

Replacement Class Classmate:
  • Jessica
  • Choong
  • Ah Wah
  • Gou Lou -actually he's the shortest but people calls him gou lou- (tall guy)
  • and 1more I dun know his name.
Today we made Sweet Bun and Kaya Raisin Bun. I'm happy I get to practice my sweet bun. I forget to take pictures of it.

So lunch time.

One of my classmate ask me wad's my plan for lunch.
so I answered erm.. Guess Im following Sifu for lunch. =cuz I'm not close with them ma, tak kan I go tag along follow them to McD meh.
So i waited for him at the main shop there. I go cari Ah Boon Sifu makan but they were upstairs. I waited for a while den I peep the staircase there and saw Ah Boon Sifu and Ah Hoe Sifu coming down. I pandai pandai go tanya "Lei cho mat ye wo?" meaning wad are you doing there. Intention is to ask is the performance upstairs and are you preparing for the performance of some how like that la. But they misunderstood me and Ah Hoe Sifu ask me back "Lei cho matt yea wo?" and I naively answer "mou ye ar". And they started to laugh saying I suddenly come from no where and ask "What are you doing?" I didn't find it funny at 1st but see them laughing at it I find myself dumb too.

Den I go ask Ah Boon Sifu, U can eat lunch mei?
He said okie wait him awhile. So Ah Kit Sifu came and ask Daniel to tapao food for him. So Ah Boon Sifu, Daniel and I went to this shop and tapao chap fan and went back to shop to eat. Ah Boon Sifu ask me today u park very far again ar? I answered today I bo drive come wo. Den he said oh ya hor today got Ahmad fetch u come wo... So paise le that time. Adui...

So after lunch we went back class to bake the bread. Later on while waiting for other bread to rise Sifu ask us to go see the performance downstairs while waiting for the dough to rise. So we went down to the shop. I find it BLOODY BORING. I couldn't understand wad they are saying. Zzzzz. So I went to Ah Boon Sifu's class room to buat kacau. Appreantly Ah Hoe Sifu was there as well. He was decorating a cake. So i go kepochi them. The students were all icing the the cake, then Ah Hoe Sifu ask me to grab a chair to sit. I was sitting near the door so people come in kindda bang on me, and then Sifu ask me to shift to sit with him.

Den he ask me to peel Kiwi for him, and tahu la aku bukan orang biasa apabila memegang pisau. My speed of peeling a Kiwi is more faster then orang biasa setelah speed training making 10 fruit platter in Palace. XD He was like shock, "oh cepatnya engkau. adakah selalu potong kat rumah? I geleng kepala act as if tak tahu buat like that. Hohohoohoh... Oh teruk nya... Hey takkan tell them I pernah kerja at 5 star hotel meh? later they dun wan to teach me properly le. Say this bitch know so many things and yet come here belajar buat cake.

So later on i balik my own class to continue to bake bread. Nothing much happen then cuz i was sleepy.

Jie came pick me up at 4some thing like that, I came home go groom Bella and Spray perfume on in. Hahahahahha. I put her in my spongebob bag and brought her back to my school. I went back there again to show cute cute Bella to them... They were shock when I took out a puppy from my bag. XD

Headmaster was like. Hmmm I recognize this smell, its CK1998 punya perfume. I was like laughing all the way.

Ah Hoe Sifu said "Can pinjam me 1day ar? I return it to you tmr" I said no its mine...

Bella became the center of attention of everyone there. Everyone came to play with her.

Ah Boon Sifu ask me to give it to him. Lols i said no of cuz. Then he keep saying Bella is his and say we take his dog away.

Ah Kit Sifu wanted to take picture of her but she kept moving. So he put her on the stacks chair, but still gagal.

*Notice the stacks of chairs.

After awhile of attention, everyone went back to do their stuff, left Ah Hoe Sifu, Bella and I at the classroom. Bella was still on the chair while Ah Hoe Sifu was sayang-ing her, and u know was she do???


I was completely stun and didnt know wad to do. and you know wad happen???


I ask you 1 question. how many guys would offer to clean up your dog's pee? Okie imagine, u brought your dog to party at ur friend's house and there where many people, and your dog terpee on the floor, HOW MANY "GUYS" WILL OFFER TO CLEAN THE PEE FOR YOU?
I know guys now a days aren't as courteous as the western country, terutama lelaki MALAYSIA. CIZ damn pei si the cinapek yang rude... Expect girls to hold the door for them and never say thank you at all. Don't even bother to hold the door for a girl. Where's the phrase of ladies 1st?


Question, who clean the pee on the stacks of chairs? Dengan reflex yang cepat, Ah Hoe Sifu took the chair behind and wash it. In a few second I feel


I was touch by his gentleman-ness. Normal people wouldn't do that, they'll ask you to eat shit if they were to touch those disgusting pee. Respect level for him increase 5 levels. I thoroughly respect these kinda of people.

After peeing, Bella became playful and started to nibble his fingers. He played with her in such a gentle way and she keep nibbling his fingers. Bella was so cute lying on his shoes while biting his fingers. He asked me how come she keeps biting him and i answered, cuz you got cake smell on ur hands. Lols.

Bella followed me everywhere I walked. I keep pushing her to him and she keeps running back to me. XD

Later Ah Boon Sifu intend to kidnap her away, and I followed him everywhere he go and he said why u keep following me de.

Later on all 3 Sifu followed headmaster to go to see cars and Pet Shop. Headmaster says he wanna get 5 poodles. XD So before leaving, everyone says bye bye to me. Thats my day today.

P/S: Babe said I got Princess feel like that. XD

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baking Class

Last Saturday n Sunday we learnt to decorate the cake.
- The Top
- The Sides
- The Botton
- Icing Decorations

So here is the example of a well decorate cake.

Ignore the left one. That is an act of an armature. XD
Tahi berputar~! Creative hor??


I manage to wake up in the morning XD
Class was 10am to 4pm.


So I had to park behind the carpark which was so bloody far away. I ask the Auntie next to my car whether can I park there, she said, yes u can but u have to pay the fee opposite the road, I was like that is so far away and I had to rush to class already. She say its okie if no one sees ur car all they'll do is just stick a piece of paper on ur car. Im like oh well guess i have no choice already. I had to pok 1 pok. When I came out for the car, Thank GOD 2 of my teachers was driving pass that carpark, they offered drive me to class~ so I need not to walk so bloody far.. Hohohooohohooh Happy nya... Its like a blessing to me on my 1st day of replacement class...

I reach class at 10.30 some thing. Luckily my Sifu didnt scold me... He ordered "my fellow classmates" to speak english to me. I was treated like a special guest. Lols.... Perasaan~

Sifu ask me, "Oi lei mei fan seng ar?" means "Hey u still alselep ar?"
Den I smiled.

So today we had to make the snow bun and raisin bread or some how..
Went there measure the ingredients and make the dough.

I didnt know they had lunch break.

Sifu ask me, wad u wanna do during lunch break? u wanna go eat or go home to sleep.
I mumbled, I duno le..
He said u wanna come eat anot?
Den I said orh okie la, jalan.
Den he went to angkat his barang and den go cari other Sifu for lunch.

It seems weird to go lunch with the, erm i mean orang atasan at class. U know la, normally students will got with students and then teacher will go with teachers, but I bodo bodo go tag along with Sifu. It seems weird, but then I tak kenal the other people also.. How la wana tag along???

Sifu asked me"Sure you not used to wake up so early le, normally wake up at this hour hor?"
That time was 2pm like that.
I just nod....
and they laugh.

And guess who I bump into during lunch???


Its MVP Wai Kuan... I was also shock when she called me from behind. I thought she went back home already. Den she tag along come makan with Sifu they all. HAHAHAS!!!

Later after makan Wai Kuan balik dulu. Ben Sifu talked with me bout computer stuff... Den King Gai le... Later on Brian Sifu came da pao kopi ice... Den we all walked back to the center.

This is my bunny snow bun. XD

Sifu ask me, is this a bunny?
I answered yep.
He ask again how come its rectangle?
I said because its a robot bunny.


Then everyone began to laugh.

We had this test today, We had to knead 1kg++ of dough and divide it into 60gm each in 5mins.

I passed the 5mins test, but my arm muscle hurt after that.
I failed the 4mins test. I slowed down cuz my arm was hurting.

I helped out at the center till 6.30 like that den Sifu offered to dropped me back to my car...
Hee~ Today damn lucky....
and den....... He helped me to carry my equipment box. This is the 1st time he carry my box. Normally i bising heavy, the most he will do is open the door for me..

So he fetch me back to my car den he went back to center le... I used the back lane to jalan so on the way I saw Brian Sifu sitting at the back door there. So I gave him a big smile and wave at him. He smiled back and wave as well. I feel so funny today... Nx replacement class will be on this Wednesday. Duno this time is that lucky anot le...

Updates and Chikopek


16 Jan 2010
Accounts Exam, went back Kampar and stayed a night at Grand Kampar Hotel.

So this was my room.

My Bed

My Bath Room

I Ta Pao McD from Ipoh for dinner and Watt Dan Hor from foom service for supper at 2am...

Bunny and Hippo Dominated my bed with my notes..

I notice this Kettle when I wanna make coffee in the middle of the night. It has colour when i switch it on. Red while boiling and Blue when done.. Cun hor?

Did revission till 7am in the morning. Had free breakfast at the hotel.

Wanted to have some rest before exam. But den gan cheong till cannot sleep... I was on the bed berguling-guling for 2 hours.

and I cam whored XD~

With Bunny~

With Glasses.

Here comes the retarded ones.

Okie ignore the retarded ones. I know I look ugly.
Inilah Aksi-aksi otak rosak punya orang.

So finally i got to sleep at 10am. and woked up at 11.30am pack pack to check out.
I asked Vincent for lunch that time but he was eating d. Lols so I went to KFC alone to waste some time before exam since there is air condition. XD~

Didn't feel like eating but tak kan go sit there without eating nie thing right. So had some nuggets ad Orange juice.

So later on went to fetch Vincent and we went College together, takut sial.
Exam time 2pm to 4pm. Reach college at 1.30pm beratur den masuk the exam hall.
Kanasai sial... Keluar FIFO and LIFO... The one and only thing i didn'd revise cuz I not sure how to do as well. Aduh... Haiz.. Okie abaikan.

Went back have to hantar stuff for Godma den went wrong way. Nite time got party at Jenny's place. Her mama punya birthday, ada telur merah.

Next day,
Budak and GF came Ipoh. The fella driving without a LICENSE!!! He brought Puffy along
Den he sesat jalan. =.= I had to bring him to Casurina there for interview. I teman his Gf and son while he interview.

This thing very familar hor? "Excuse Miss, I'm so sorry but no pets allowed in the hotel"
HAhahahs.... We kena halau outside. So we chit chat outside.

Later after interview they come over my place for a while. I made them some thing to eat and they played with the new puppies. But then when puffy finally made friends with Gaho he has to go back already...

Poodle family portrait.

Picture of the New Puppies

They look like teddy bear. XD
Jack is so much bigger than Fran.

So Kecik Sial!!!!!

Tuesday 19 Jan 2010

I went to help Jenny for preparation for 200pax.

Wed 20 Jan 2010
Catering Day, Everyone busy busy busy......... but still manage to handle it. Poor Jenny had till work till late nights.

So later on Godma and I teman her to set the buffet.

So here's the food. Didnt manage to take picture of the desserts cuz it was wrap up.

There were more food.

Appreantly we had to jaga the buffet. Is this someone's wedding. He invited 1000 over people. WTF SIAL!!!! All orang KAMPUNG.
Okie Im sorry for discriminate or look down on kampung people. So no comments on the normal guess but this I cannot forgive!!!!

There is this bloody CHIKOPEK who kacau me. Berpura-pura want this want that and den go touch my hand. ZZzzzz den go ask for my number pulak. Of cuz i didnt give la. Den he ask me keep his phone and call him at night. His bloody name was WILLIAM, Tel number is 0125065182. Dangz I think also geli already. Den keep staring at me from far. Damn Kanasai lo. I hate him I bloody hate him ask him go find prostitute la if cannot tahan damn low class uncle yang sell insurance... Damn Pei Si him.

Then there is another rude guess come scold Jenny wo. Zzzz say wanna ta pao stuff but no plastic to da pao den go simple scold people. Den ask me scoop fruits for him. ok la i scoop, den scold me say scoop more la this la that la. I also fai si choi him. Zzzz stupid low class people. Know how to order people and scold people.Go sell fish la dangz.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Symptoms of Depression. Are you feeling like that?

I notice myself changing, but I don't know how to explain. So I went to google the word DEPRESSION, wondering am I having some case like those, so this is wad I've got.

Physical depression symptoms which you may suffer from include:

  • · Over-eating
  • · Over-drinking
  • · Lack of interest in sex
  • · Poor concentration
  • · Violent or aggressive behavior in men
  • · Not interested in your appearance or hygiene
  • · Mood swings
  • · Anger

Depression Test

Are you depressed? - then try this test

This depression test will help you understand if you are depressed and just how bad it is. Take the test now!

Do you:

  1. Wake up early in the morning and find you can't go back to sleep
    Erm no, I find hard to sleep at night and hard to wake up in the morning. *PIG* Shhh... I know...
  2. Do you often feel extremely tired without apparent reason?
    Yes I do. I cannot even wake up at 6pm in the evening, Omg sial. Wad is wrong with me??
  3. Do you lack self confidence and doubt yourself?
    Yes, I feel useless and I cannot achieve anything till now. I am sad. =(
  4. Do you feel lonely or withdrawn from the world?
    Yes I do. I feel that I am wasting my time while other people is going to their goals.
  5. Do you feel worthless?
    YES I DO!!!! I feel i am not contradicting to anything at all.
  6. Do you eat too much?
    Yes I am. I'm having eating disorder lately. Who the hell will eat McD for supper and keep munching non stop over the mid night, feel hungry and feel bad and puke all the stuff out and go cook Maggie Mee in 5am in the morning?
  7. Do you drink too much?
    Erm. Alcohol? I don't drink at all. I get drunk easily. Water? not really. =.=
  8. Do you find it difficult to concentrate?
    Omg yes. I tried to study these few days but failed. I keep getting myself distract by other stuff.
  9. Do you find it difficult to think logically or make decisions?
    I can still think logically and make decisions.
  10. Are you procrastinating or avoiding doing things?
  11. Have you lost interest in sexual activity?
    I dun really care. Omg am I loosing it?????
  12. Are you apathetic and lacking in motivation?
    I guess so. I know I should do it but my body just wont listen. All I feel like doing is just stay at home and sleep and eat, thats it.
  13. Do you sometimes feel like crying?
    I do... When I think about some thing sad and disappointing.
  14. Do you see no future for yourself?
    I guess so, but no if I dun start working from now.
  15. Do you feel trapped?
    I don't feel like staying at home anymore.. I wanna go work. T.T
  16. Do you feel you can't cope?
    I guess If i work hard I can.... I think I can. Be positive, think positive I CAN!!!!
  17. Do you have trouble sleeping at night?
    Yes I do. I can't sleep at the correct time. but when Its time to sleep I can sleep. Yah I know *PIG*
  18. Do you feel life is not worth living?
    Sometimes I guess, because I am not doing anything to make it better.
  19. Do you suffer from quick mood swings?
    Yes I do recently. I was angry at my whole family for a small matter. I feel so bad for being such bad girl.

Test Results:

less than 5 - low level or beginnings of depression

5 to 10 - moderate level

11 plus - high level depression

Test Notes

Just a couple of the above may not be a problem but if you answer yes to say five or more of the above you are depressed.

Great! Oh Great! I score more than 11. So currently is under depression, Thank You.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy 2010

Stephie-Chan Wishing You A Wonderful 2010~!
May this year become a blessed year to everyone and may dreams come true too~!

Sneak Peak of 2010~

Resolution 2010
  1. Study EXTRA hard. Mist achieve my goals which is my Diploma and Cert this year. (ITS A MUST)
  2. Plan for my future job. I have some stuff in mind already, either further studies in overseas or find jobs in KL, Penang or SG or Take over a cake business at ipoh, or make own business in Ipoh. Depends wad happen.
  3. Will be strong and shall not let people step over my head anymore. Shall not let people bully and make used of. Tired of being Arnab Panggang already.
  4. LOSE WEIGHT!!! (aiks baru makan cake =.=) 10 KG here I come huahahahhaha
  5. Shall control my temper and will train up my jutsu menahan kecil hati so no one gets hurt..
  6. Organise my time well.
  7. Drink more water and life a healthy way. (I cannot even finish a small bottle of water in a WEEK)

    This is the water bottle which i fill it up on Monday.
    The Bottle is as tall as my phone.
  8. Shall pamper myself by buying a new cell phone. XD

    Pretty??? The best thing is, it matches my camera~!

  9. Shall master the skill to make sponge cake without burning it.

    This is wad happen to Daph's Birthday cake last year. Im sorry I suck...

  10. Shall save up money for future use.
  11. Shall go to Super Junior Concert.
  12. Will appreaciate God for everything he gave me.
  13. BE more thankful for wad I have and the people around me.
  14. Shall sleep early. My eyes are gonna pop out soon...

  15. Shall learn to forget and forgive.

    To all my family and friends,
I take the opportunity here to apologize for my bad behavior, rudeness, childishness which i perform last year. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. I'm sorry I suck being a good daughter, sister, cousin and a friend. I hope 2010 will be a better year for our relationship to grow stronger. 2010 is here I hope we all can forgive each other and forget bout the past in 2009.
Thank You all for being there for me in the past year. I appreciate everyone of you for supporting me in different ways and giving me hope to live in this world.

Your Sincerly,

I was encourage today~! I will work harder in the future. Wait for me. I'm coming~!

I'm going to bed now. Nitex to all of you~!

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