Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sydney Day 3

Currently at Sydney now... Missing home I guess... Trying to enjoy myself =) The places here are beautiful. Mostly I enjoy seeing the historical places. Went a lot of places which has a lot of things to see, plants, parks art gallery and stuff... Just the walking from the harbor to town really wores me out. Hmmm....

I miss my chiko guild...
I miss my duck...
I miss my Jie...
I miss my family...

I wanna faster come back to see u all. I acutally hope u all will teman me here.... Some time its quite stress handling stuff. Hmmm...

Sekarang kaki bengkak d... Sakit sial babi betul...

Come back nie update specificaly ba... Now also bo mood d.... Tired Sial...

Will be missing u all... =) Love u~!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

May You RIP Man Wai

It died. It really died.... I feel so depress....

Introducing the Guinea Pig Story

This is Lanny my 1st Guinea Pig. It was he cutest thing ever. It had the David Becham hair style no matter how I comb it. It will sayang me when I sayang It. Its very guai because when u put it on urself it will not run away. It will squeek when I walk in the room or it hears plastic sound. It dare not pee on my table because once I scolded him. So he will tahan until balik the cage.

He died when I went was in Industrial Training. Sad thing because it was very intelligent. It was with me during in Kampar. It kept me company all the time. Although always have to kutip tahi but it was okie. It always greet me when I come back from class.
I miss him.

This is Tom Tom, Fred's Guinea Pig. Actually he bought it 1st before I bought mine. I find it so cute. He has straight hair where as mine is curly hair. He squeaks more than Lanny. Fred brought it to industrial training, and some one accidentally close the cover of the box so it suffocated and died.

This is my 2nd and 3rd Guinea pig, blackish one is called Man Wai and whitish one is named Ryan, because Man Wai and Ryan bought it for me as a birthday gift.

This is Ryan. Currently still alive... He is the shy and nervous one

But this lil one died... He was a very friendly guinea pig. It will squeaks when anyone come in. Its not picky on he's food. It will squeaks when I sayang it.

I seriously duno how it died. I came back from swimming and I saw him not moving. So i move the cage a bit and it wouldn't move. I ask Wai Kuan to come check whether its still alive anot. It was comfirm dead...

We assume its death was cause by:
1. It eat too much
2. It ate the Cotton
3. Ate watermelon
4. Larry Bark till it mati, because Larry was found in the room when i open my room door.

Its really Dead.....

I ask Banny and Jie to kutip de mayat because I was too sked to take or see it.

We couldn't find any box for its coffin so we decided to wrap it in newspaper.

Jie wrap the 2nd layer of newspaper.

Death ceremony of Man Wai the guinea pig begins.
Its grave.

Good Bye Man Wai. May You go to a better place. I'm sorry I suck in taking care of you...

Banny burry it.

Man Wai
(The Guinea Pig)
17th October 2009- 21st October 2009
We will always remember you.

Close ceremony.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Baru saja finish upload picts on FB... but havent finish editing picts for blog post... T_T HArap maaf kerana lambat seperti apabila Yoshito Usui menghantar skrip... I will berusaha to quickly finish editing gella... Harap pembaca bersabar bersama saya...

Sekian terima kasih...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bad Habits that Shouldn't be Learn in the Traffic.

Things that shouldn't be learn while driving, Stephie's style.....

Please do not follow the action below, this might risk your life... XD

The Bad Habbits:
1. Driving with 1 Hand and 1 Leg
(U-Turn with the palm only)
(Control the accelerator n brake with 1 foot and the other cross up)
(Doesn't wear shoe while driving)

2. Hobby: Ta Pao Lunch or Dinner and Eat while driving

*McD is okie cuz its convenience, but maggie goreng or nasi ekonomi or Roti Canai is a bit of difficulties. But still can manage to eat and control the car... XD

3. Have like stickers which acts as if very pro like tat but drive 60km/hour in the HighWay. Nah this one joking nie... Lolz...
I mean have like car stickers which shows like Pro Car Racer like that tetapi drive like Chikopek like that... Hahahas

4. Notice the "P" still sticking on the car... Lolz.... This was given by my friend in KL to me because I drive like a Chikopek in KL. So he said if you put this sticker there so that the people wouldn't be so angry if I melakukan kesalahan....

Still using the KTAR car sticker walaupun sudah EXPIRE... (menyalah guna hak Kolej) XD

5. Talking on the phone and SMS-ing while driving is a very common thing to do already. But have you all pernah kena SAMAN or kena Tangkap by police by doing those?

My experience:
  1. Was driving to baking class.
  2. Auntie T called. She called takkan tak pick up right? later kena scold.
  3. So pick up, Police stopped me aside.
  4. Ask for my IC and Driving Licience
  5. And I still I kena Saman.

So this is the saman he gave me....

6. Putting make up while driving. Do not try this if you are not PRO, or else you will end up looking like this.

7. Feeling sleepy while driving.
I have experienced this when working, I have lack of sleep that time and I was caught in the traffic jam while raining heavily. I keep "fishing" in the car while driving. Once reach the apartment, I just dose off in the car without thinking anything for quite some time at the car park.

8. Cam Whore while waiting in the traffic... Lolz...

9. This was given by LilGal. Its a present from Penang she bought for me... Its use to relive stress when driving or to change the atmosphere in the car. It really cheers up everyone. Thx LilGal.... Oh yea the lesson, actually there is one one patung which goyang the kepala one. That was also given by LilGal for my Birthday present but unfortunately............. ITS ALL MY FAULT..... WHO ASK ME TO BE LATE FOR WORK AND DRIFTED WITH THE CAR WINDOWS OPEN???? Ampun Maaf LilGal.... It flew out the window when I was speeding at the corner... Sowee LilGal T_T

Okie this is Chiko Senior style of driving...

1. She can read maps while driving, which a lot of people cannot do so.
2. She can drive while CupCake is sitting behind her or climbing around the chair or even sitting on her head... Hahahahs

Last but not least. Do not try this while driving!!!
10. Do not dance "Gee" or "Sorry Sorry" while driving, because you will use 2 hands dancing and you left nothing on the Steering Wheel.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 3 October 2009

I have procrastinate for 3 days to write this post...

Some call it:

Mid Autumn Festival, Moon Cake Festival, Lantern Festival

I have been wondering these few days, why do we celebrate this festival and what do moon cakes represent in this festival so i did some research bout this festival. and I find i very interesting to know the purpose of this festival.

I tried reading a lot of article bout this and even ask friends bout the story behind this.

Here we go...

My Version of The Legend of The Mid Autumn Festival:

Long long time ago, Emperor Jade had 10 Sons, and they transform into 10 Suns who give light to the earth one by one everyday, but because they were too playful, they wanna play together everyday so they cause the earth to crack, dry up, humans, animals and plants die because of the heat of 10 Suns. So Emperor Jade ask this famous archer, Hou Yi to teach them a lesson so that they will be more discipline and follow the rules.

Hou Yi the Archer

So this famous archer Hou Yi climb up this Quan Lun Mountain and pull his bow with all his might and shoot down 9 of the Suns, remaining 1 Sun is left for the earth for light and heat. By doing this, the citizens respect and worship him for saving the world, but Emperor Jade was really angry because Hou Yi killed 9 of his Sons so he send him to earth and he couldn't be immortal anymore. Eventually he got married with this beautiful lady filled with serenity named Chang Er.

Chang Er

Chang Er and Hou Yi

Hou Yi live his life with Chang Er and a lot of people admire them and wants to become his student. He had one student named Fong Mong, he is a bad hearted man who is jealous of his master Hou Yi. One day Hou Yi again climbed up this Quan Lun Mountain to train and tersepah with the Queen Mother of West aka Wong Mou Leung Leung and she gave Hou Yi this Anti-Mati Pills, and he can become immortal after eating this pills.

But Hou Yi mm se tak to leave his beloved wife on earth alone so he gave this pills to his wife Chang Er to keep. Chang Er kept this pills in her dressing table's drawer, and at the same time Hou Yi's student Fong Mong discover this secret and he greed to have the pills to become immortal so he has this secret plan.

3 days later, Hou Yi went for training and ask Fong Mong to go with him, but Fong Mong berpura-pura sakit perut so Hou Yi went training alone leaving his beloved wife, Chang Er behind in her room.

When Hou Yi has left the town, Fong Mong immediatly took his sword and head to Chang Er's room. He threaten Chang Er to give out the pills or else he will kill her. Chang Er knows that he cant fight Fong Mong so in force she ate the pills and floated up to "heaven". Chang Er misses her husband dearly so she flew to the moon to be close to people.

At the evening, Hou Yi came back from his training and his maid told him what had happen to his wife Chang Er. He took up his sword and head to hunt for Fong Mong and killed him. He was so angry and frustrated because his beloved wife had left him and he will never see her again. He shouted "Chang Er Chang Er, my beloved wife where are you?" and suddenly he realize that he moon is very pleasant towards him and there is a shadow of Chang Er there.

Hou Yi tried to chase the moon but he failed. He walked 3 steps forward, the moon back off 3 steps, but when he back off 3 steps the moon come forward 3 steps. So no matter what he do, he cant can't go near the moon.

Hou Yi send people to a garden which Chang Er likes to go to and put flowers, peaches and fresh fruits to show his love to her. The day that Chang Er left Hou Yi was 14 August in the Chinese calender. The citizen heard about this story and started worshiping Chang Er in the moon on this date to get blessing.

This Story is direct translate by my friend through the phone from mandarin to Cantonese and I translate it to English so there are a lot of kecacatan.

The Jade Hare
I notice there is a bunny with Chang Er in the moon. There is a story bout how this bunny turn into a Jade Hare, the story is like this:

One day, three immortals who were living in the heaven came to the earth. They asked a fox, a monkey and a rabbit to find some food for them respectively. The fox and the monkey both found something for the three immortals while the rabbit got nothing. The rabbit felt very sorry for the three immortals. Finally, he jumped into the fire and said to the three immortals "eat me, please!" the three immortal were deep moved by the rabbit. They decided to entitle the rabbit a reputation of "Jade Rabbit" and let him accompany Chang Er in the Moon Palace.
So apparently this bunny pounds medicine, together with the lady, Chang Er, for the gods. Others say that the Jade Rabbit is a shape, assumed by Chang Er herself. You may find that the dark areas to the top of the full moon may be construed as the figure of a rabbit.

But where does Moon Cake comes from???

There is a folk tale about the overthrow of mongol rule facilitated by messages smuggled in moon cakes.

Mooncakes were used as a medium by the Ming revolutionaries effort to secretly distribute letters in order to overthrow the Mongolian rulers of China. The idea is said to be conceived by Zhu YuanZhang, who circulated a rumor that a deadly plague was spreading and the only way to prevent it was to eat special mooncakes. This prompted the quick distribution of mooncakes, which were used to hide a secret message coordinating the Han Chinese revolt on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. and his advisor Liu Bowen

Another method of hiding the message was printed in the surface of mooncakes as a simple puzzle or mosaic. In order to read the encrypted message, each of the four mooncakes packaged together must be cut into four parts each. The 16 pieces of mooncake, must then be pieced together in such a fashion that the secret messages can be read. The pieces of mooncake are then eaten to destroy the message

Most mooncakes consist of a thin tender skin enveloping a sweet, dense filling. The mooncake may contain one or more whole salted egg yolks in its center to symbolize the full moon.

So here are some moon cakes which I've found so fascinating in this website:
Credits to:

Traditional Moon cakes

Cheese Flavour lolz

Even Star Bucks created its own moon cake XD

Jojo will like the Hello Kitty Shape moon cake hor?
Jie's fav red bea...
Imagine redbean jelly with green tea.
mmm sedap...

So comel sial....

Godiva chocolate also come out in mooncake shape...
Those are not soap bar... All are moon cake lai de...

Malat the black moon cake reminds me of the black bread u brought back last time^^

Orh cantik nya moon cake...

So sampai di sini dulu...

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2009^^
Eventhou sudah lepas =.=

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