Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A msg to u from me....

To my dearest BFF,

Well, its been a while since we talk. Both of us are busy and I guess we went through lots of stuff during this time period. A lot of things did happen to me, I'm not sure bout u but I hope u are okie and get to sort things out properly.

Stuff which we didn't expect to happen had happen and we couldn't do anything to change it anymore. Let's let it pass and forget it ba, at least u know that u are not the only one who is going through it. I hope things would just pass and we'll just move on our life...

I've really got lots to tell you, but duno where to start. Well, I will just tell u the good news 1st ba. *take a deep breath* "Babe, I have passed all my exams already and will be graduating this 10th of July" I really hope you would come on my graduation day :)

And you promised me to go out wif me after exams de... U mai FFK ar... Hee~ I've really miss you and I really hope u were happy the passed few months. Oh well I mai start talking bout stuff d or else cannot stop writing till tmr. Lolz~

Last but not least~

Thank You for being you Babe ♥♥♥♥♥


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Choi SiWon!!!!

Happy Birthday Choi SiWon~!!!!

Dearest Oppa,
Saeng-il chukhahae hamida~!
May God be with you~!
May all your dreams come true.
May your smile becomes the sunshine of the world.
Blessed health every year to come.
and most of all...

Make my Jie happy everyday by looking at you.
Kamsa hamida.
Oppa Saranghae yo~!

Monday, April 5, 2010

HAppy Easter~!

Happy Easter Everyone~!

Remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us on the Cross, and who had risen up after 3days. Glory to God. Thank You Lord for saving us men who sinned against You. Thank you Lord for still loving us until this day. Keeping us save each and everyday. Glory to you for ever and ever~!!! Amen.

When i have time, I'll find out the true meaning of easter and how easter bunny and easter eggs came in the story.

Happy Birthday Lee HyukJae.

You are so lucky and blessed this year to be born on the same day of easter. May You be healthy and happy this year....
Saengil chukae Oppa!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Something Funny.

One night, when i went mandi normally I come out with a towel because I didn't wanna wet my clothes in the bathroom. So on the way out from the bathroom, I saw this notice which was sticking on the door of my hostel. It was there for a very long time already, but I chose this moment to actually read it. So here it is.

*Clickie Clickie* To enlarge it.
So it stated the rules of the Hostel and Fines if you break it, continues reading:

To make life easier, I'm gonna write down the rules and regulation:

  1. Loss key + Change lock (RM50)
  2. Loss of proximity card (RM50)
  3. Loss each key (RM10)
  4. Loss vehicle's sticker (RM50)
  5. Improperly dressed in the Hostel area (RM50)
  6. Left key on the door (RM10)
  7. Removing furniture from common area into room (RM50)
  8. Irresponsible of throwing rubbish or littering (RM100)
  9. Keeping pets in room (RM300)
  10. Dirtying room or any parts of the hostel (RM100)
  11. Nailing poster on the wall (RM50)
  12. Leaving room lights or fan on when residents are not in the room (RM100)
  13. Smoking in the hostel area(RM200)
  14. Throwing left over food without using plastic bag, littering in the compound (RM50)
  15. Breaking Curtain's railing(RM100)
  16. Contributing Sound Pollution (RM50)
  17. Staining the wall (RM100)
So I was looking at it while 1/2 naked So I also terasa not good la... Breaking the "Rules" Lolz
Last time when I stay that time there weren't any rules and fines like tat. Wow! If last time it has rules like this I guess all of us sure kena 99 de lol. These are wad I did last time.

  • Loss key
    I always did. IDK why would I lock myself out from my own room
  • Improperly dressed in the Hostel area
    Come out from the bathroom with only a towel
  • Left key on the door
    After opening the door I forget to bring back the key in
  • Removing furniture from common area into room
    Learn from Miss Carmen XD
  • Keeping pets in room
    Remember my guinea pig XD
  • Nailing poster on the wall
    Didn't nail them, I used blue tag nie
  • Leaving room lights or fan on when residents are not in the room
    Learn from Duck XD
  • Contributing Sound Pollution
    After I've got my speaker yang hebat I blast it everyday till the walls vibrate. XD
  • Staining the wall
    Erm... The Blue Tack's stain.
I wonder how much will they find me last time if they have these rules. XD

Today I went Da Pao fried noodles and Porridge from the Auntie under the Tree. Sedaps~!

Erm do u notice something that is not right???
At 1st I didnt notice too but then.....
Seriously some thing is not right this picture...

So I remove my noodles and saw...
OMG!!!! Its Shinee and Hyun Joong's picture which the auntie used to wrap my fried noodles. And I had some porridge stained on Hyun Joong's face...
Im so sorry... Feel so bad after I notice the thing....

Once again I duno how this happened to bunny. It just made the silliest move ever. Lolz~

Bunny wearing my bunny coat Yay~

On the way back Ipoh.
Gloomy evening~

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Where are you Kim Kibum? I miss you....

Dearest KiBum,

Where have you been? You have been MIA ever since.... haiz I also don't know when... Feeling sad and disappointed not seeing u in The Super Show2.I really wanna meet you and say

Oppa Sarang heyo!!!

Well I guess I've gotta wait till I get a chance. I miss you so much... Where did you go???

and, I've finally found you....

Kim KiBum, member of Super Junior has been acting in this movie called "Joomoonjin"
Its a Romantic Ghost story, and he is the Main Guy Character. Erm actually he is acting as the Ghost.

The Plot of the movie:

A magical love story involving a man who lives his life like a ghost and a country girl that falls in love with him.

On a rural mountain in Jumunjin, South Korea a girl named Jina (Hwang Bo-Ra) runs a mountain lodge. The place is soon set to close down because of rumors that ghosts live in the lodge. Jina then encounters a ghost (played by Kim Ki-Beom) who she takes an interest in. But, the closer she gets to help him the further the ghost pushes her away.

I'm on the way watching it. The Girl Character damn Chiko lo. Lols... Kibum is a damn hot Ghost. I want him like so badly. Ish Ish Ish....

Here are some cute pictures of my Darling KiBum

This is the girl.
My Kibum look so cute sial!!!
Wanna kasi him Ciuman Musim Bunga!!!

The Movie Pictures


I feel like crying too.

Omg darling playing Guitar... So lam man!!!

Omg he is so cute its not even funny. At least I've found where he is now. I hope he will be joining back the group soon.

I miss him I miss him I miss him I miss him I miss him I miss him

Oppa, may you be well and healthy. I'll be waiting for you to come back hoping to see you in person one day.
Oppa, Sarang hamida~!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cha Cha Cha Change

Its time to change. Was so looking forward to upload pictures n video of SUJU's concert. When I open my PC, the screen was red in colour, I was like Wtf.. So angry man... And cannot online. Was so sedih.. Adui... So anyway will upload pictures and video when I get a change... Well, am in Kampar right now... Coming back soon to up date my KL trip n Suju's concert.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Update

Weather is damn hot here... But I guess its a bit better than the Chinese New Year Season. I have been very hard working to clean up my room and mop the floor. Lolz... If you know me well enough, you may know how was my room like last 3 years back. XD

This week Chemistry class has change to morning class. Sux I hate morning class... It suck all my energy out, didn't wanna wake up. Computer class was fun, I guess i know wad am I learning...This Friday will be my mid term. i hope I can get good grades for it~!

Erm... Made some new friends this week, Actually it was "Ah Fong"'s -my only fren in class- friends. We went out for dinner together in town. I had this Claypot Noodle which cost me only Rm2.70. I'm like stun when she pay me back the balance. It was so mega cheap. It even have egg inside of it.

Went Tesco and bought some juice and Puding~ This are so good during hot weather!

My favourite flavour is Honey Dew~!
Actually I liked all of them~!

I have been good for attending class frequently. XD

This is how I look in college. Damn nerdy hor?
I love my fake glasses.

Had cut and straighten my hair.

Secara tak sengaja, I ask my hair dresser to cut me a straight fringe, and he asked me to close my eyes while he cut. After he finish cutting, I open my eyes and looked at the mirror, I was damn shocked to see myself, because It makes me look like Lady Gaga the Poker Face stlye. Lolz, so I secretly lauging at the salon. XD Too bad I wasn't blonde if not sure look like her more. Hahas.


And Presenting Lady Steph Gaga......

This pic is damn Epic!

My Friend is calling my Baby Gaga~
He said: Watzup Baby Gaga? R u the cool gurl in claz?

Here are some of my camwhore pictures.


Scenery outside my room~

Oh yea!!! The otherday I went Watson and bought this de-worm tablets because I suspect I have a big worm in me. I know its dumb but this is a true story. I ate the tablets which are these at night.
and then, the nx day i pooped. I know its gross but this really happen!!!! I saw some this like a black long tape stuck on the poop. I suspect its the worm. So after de-worming I felt better. Even my appetite got smaller. Kekes

3 more days till i see Super Junior!!!
Gonna hear Sorry Sorry LIVE....

There are actually 13 member de. But 3 of them couldn't make it.
They are:
  • Kim KiBum -sudah lama main MIA now he is acting some where- *my favourite member lai de. Damn sad...
  • Han Geng -the Chinese Guy- He is suing SM for over working him... Damn sad lo he's gonna leave the group... DAMN SEDIH I CRIED WATCHING BLUE TOMORROW!!!
  • Kangin -was sued for fighting so will not be joining the group for a while. Haiz....

Rememberence of our missing Members.

KiBum Oppa...

Kangin Oppa

Han Geng Oppa.

Oh well, at least 10 of them are coming... Plus Henry Lau the Violinist.

Must give full support to Henry~! He is trying his best already.

Finally SuJu coming Malaysia for concert. I am very excited to see them. I wanna give Ciuman Panas kepada Abang Hee Chul... Wakakaks... Hope to welcome them in the airport. KeKes~! Will be going over to KL this Friday and coming back on Sunday evening. Will be skipping baking class because of SuJu~ Lolz... It okie already cuz I bribe my Sifus with food today. Kekes...

Right then sleeping time gotta rush to class tmr again. Hope to update more nx time.... Take care till then~!

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