Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mission Accomplish~!

This was my hair before being cut. It was so out of control i couldn't wait to go KL to cut it so I decided to just cut it here.

This was the still in control curls. It was the longest hair I ever kept.

This min min keong keong also still under control. Guess was having a good hair day. Lolz...

This is really out of control... Its like falling and breaking all ver the place.
Bad hair day lagi pun muka tak cukup tidur. Lolz...

Went to the salon opposite popo's house. Went in talk to the woman there.

Woman "Florence" <<<>
Steph: I need a hair cut.
Florence: Erm, may I know who introduce you here?
Steph: Actually my cousin came here for a hair cut before.
Florence: May i know your cousin's name?
Steph: Xian Chang you know?
Florence: Not really. Hahaa
Steph: My grandpa lives right opposite here only.
Florence: Oh so you are related with Jasmine la.
Steph: Yea. She's my auntie.

So she cut my hair.
Lolz she told me if I tell her who introduce me der then can get the best service already, because apparently Auntie Jasmine goes there for hair cut too, and most of the Tai Tai yang kaya dan berstatus tinggi sekalian termasuk Butty Pomelo's GF too. So ahem, I kenal people ma, so I get the best service too. Lols... She ask me whether i wanna perm back my hair anot, I said no just help me to cut all the bad hair which are tangling off, because its so out of control already, she said your hair actually quite good quality but you didn't take care of it properly. So farewell my beloved long dark and curly hair... Good bye forever....


Here are the new pictures of my new hair cut, walau pun sedih because 1/2 of my original hair is gone, but its satisfying and light. Its like cut away all my depression. So how do I look in short hair???

I like this picture very much.


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